7 Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day

Friday, February 03, 2017
7 Unique Ideas for Valentine's Day

While your typical Valentine's Day may be a tête-à-tête dinner in a fancy restaurant nibbling on some overcooked steak followed by a hot evening in bed, why not consider trying something different this year, something unusual? We give you 7 unusual ways to spend the day of love.



There is no greater joy than the joy of giving and what better way to give than to do it with your loved one. Give time and money to people in need this Valentine's Day. Spend a day doing any charity work of your choice. The options are endless and at the end of the day… you will both feel a sense of achievement and will appreciate each other even more.  


Battle of the Sexes

Kick each other’s butts in a high-intensity combat sport such as kickboxing, Taekwondo, fencing, or cushion sumo. Sometimes, confrontation in the form of sports can allow you to get rid of any residual stress from work and even minor problems in your relationship! Don't be afraid to go full contact as long as you're geared up; this will only add to the excitement and attraction between the two of you.



Go to a spa together and treat yourselves to a couple's massage. Share your feelings and kind words as you are massaged by professional hands or feet (if it's a Korean massage). End this relaxing session with a full body scrub. You will leave so invigorated and prepared to enjoy the long night ahead.


Balloon Ride

Take a hot air balloon ride and feel on top of the world. Take a bottle of champagne with you and sip it while admiring the scenery from above. This is one of the greatest romantic settings with a gorgeous backdrop; it will allow you to open up to each other and romance your partner. Take a lot of pictures and videos; those will be beautiful memories for life.


Ice Skating

Help each other stand up after falling while learning how to ice skate, and fall again and again. Laugh at how ridiculous you must look and share some icy kisses every time you manage to get up. Just be careful not to lose your balance again!


Sail On

Take a short cruise to a proximal destination and unwind from the busy life you just left behind. What more can you wish for than a public holiday on lover's day in Lebanon? Make use of this fact to plan a lovely getaway to a nearby island or take the whole weekend off work and fly to a tropical country.



Go to a shooting club and empty a few rounds of bullets on a bull’s-eye target. If fixed shots are not your thing and you fancy live moving objects... then why not be the target in a paintball or laser gun game. Play a hardcore version of cupid and shoot "love-filled” paintballs at each other.


Remember that Valentine’s Day is not a one-day event. You can do all of the suggested plans anytime of the year.