9 Fashion N0-no's for the Office

Friday, February 10, 2017
9 Fashion No-no's at the Office

In recent years, sheer and lacy tops, bare midriffs, body-clinging skirts, and way down there necklines have infiltrated the office. While there are no hard-and-fast rules about what to wear to work, there is no excuse to being either completely unaware or outright defiant about what is appropriate attire. These are the basic no-no’s:


1. Keep underwear “under” what you wear! Visible camisoles, bra straps, or lingerie are anything but chic.


2. Put the shorts away. Regardless of how expensive or high end they are, shorts are not meant for the office. Keep them for after work hours!


3. Depending on your line of work, keep tattoos hidden if possible either with clothing or makeup.


4. Too much cologne or perfume is strictly frowned upon in an office setting. It can do more harm than good and can be bothersome for many.


5. Miniskirts have their place, and the office is not one of them. You don’t need to give the entire room a free show every time you sit.


6. All low-rise pants that show more than anyone really wants to see is unacceptable in an office setting. You colleagues don’t want to see your undies every time you bend.


7. Your hair color should not be so shocking that it distracts everyone around you.


8. If you can’t wear a bra with a certain top or outfit, forget it!!


9. Pants shouldn’t be so tight that you can see your underwear… and blouses should be loose enough so that the buttons don’t look like they are about to pop off.



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