5 Powerful Health Benefits of Laughter

Thursday, February 16, 2017
5 Powerful Health Benefits of Laughter

While we take laughter for granted, research reveals more and more that laughing on a regular basis might just be the magical cure we have all been searching for! Here are 5 ways laughter can boost your life and health today…


Regulates Blood Pressure:

People who laugh heartily on a regular basis have lower standing blood pressure than the average person. When people have a good laugh, initially the blood pressure increases, but then it decreases to levels below normal, which trains the body to regulate blood pressure. It also regulates breathing, which becomes deeper and sends oxygen enriched blood and nutrients throughout the body. It can also greatly reduce hypertension, which is one of the main causes of high blood pressure.


Strengthens the Immune System:

Research reveals that laughter increases the activity of killer cells responsible for destroying infected cells and some type of cancer and tumor cells. It activates more T cells (white blood cells mainly responsible for your immunity system), increases the anti-body production of Immunoglobulin A (which fight upper respiratory infections),  increases IgB (the immunoglobulin produced in the greatest quantity in the body), as well as increases Complement 3 (which helps antibodies to pierce dysfunctional or infected cells).


Decreases Stress:

It has also been proven that laughter decreases stress levels in the body. When you’re stressed, your body undergoes a series of hormonal changes which make up the “Fight or Flight” response. Laughter induces the secretion of endorphins into your system which reduces physical and emotional pains, and lowers the secretion of the 4 main stress hormones: Adrenaline, Cortisol, Dopamine and Epinephrine, and ultimately reduces the chances of a heart attack.


Works Out the body:

Laughter can be a great workout for your abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg, and back muscles. It massages abdominal organs, tones intestinal functioning, and strengthens the muscles that hold the abdominal organs in place. Not only does laughter give your midsection a workout, it can benefit digestion and absorption functioning as well. It is estimated that hearty laughter can burn calories equivalent to several minutes on the rowing machine or exercise bike.


Enhances Brain Function:

As if laughter is not healthy enough already, new research shows that it has a great impact on your brain function too. Laughter stimulates both sides of the brain to enhance learning. The left hemisphere is used to decipher the verbal content of a joke or a funny scene while the right hemisphere interprets whether it’s funny or not. Laughter also eases muscle tension and psychological stress, which keeps the brain alert and ultimately allows people to retain more information.



Maintaining your good health is no laughing matter. Go ahead and let out a huge belly hoot today!









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