Could Your Tattoo Mess Up Your Workout?

Tuesday, June 06, 2017
Could Your Tattoo Mess Up Your Workout?

While your tattoo can be a nice form of self-expression, it may not be your ally in the gym setting. The latest research reveals that you might want to re-think that tattoo you planned on getting this summer if you are an avid gym buff.


A recent study from Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise has shown that exercisers should be aware of the possible hazards when it comes to large surface tattoos on the body.


Researchers examined the sweat rate in those with tattoos compared those without. It was discovered that this form of ink-art actually blocks sweat secretion by up to 50%! The problem is that sweating is your physique’s way of releasing heat, and it is mandatory to be able to chill down properly during a good sweat at the gym. The ink involved in tattoos is injected right under the skin where your sweat glands are, and hence, the interference with your sweat production, as explained by the lead author of the study.


Researchers also pointed out that the sodium concentrate in the sweat of tattooed skin was higher than skin without a tattoo; this most likely shows that the ink halts some of the natural sodium from your sweat being reabsorbed into your system.


The bottom line? Chances are your little butterfly or heart on your ankle isn’t going to pose a problem anytime soon. However, if you are a tattoo fanatic with many widespread ones all over, you might want to take care. Overheating could be an issue for you, so be sure to hydrate effectively before, during and post workout.