5 STDs Your Condom Won’t Protect You From!

Friday, June 16, 2017
5 STDs Your Condom Won’t Protect You From!

You and your lover are geared up for some naked fun… or maybe you want to jump into the sack with a new hookup and just can’t hold back! Whatever the case may be, you better make sure you have things “under wraps,” literally. But wait! Hold that thought!


You may be preventing an unwanted pregnancy or even the spread of certain STDs when using a condom, but it’s not all good-to-go because you CAN still get certain sexual conditions.


1. Syphilis

If you are suddenly afflicted with a firm, roundish, and generally painless sore, you could have syphilis. This STD can spread by direct contact during oral sex, vaginal sex, and yes, even sex in the back door! Sores can present themselves in several spots around the groin area… and even on your pucker!  Wearing a condom is definitely a good start… but will not protect you overall.  


2. Herpes

Again, if a guy has a herpes lesion not effectively covered by a condom, transmission is very possible, especially if it is an active breakout. And BTW… herpes can still spread even when there isn’t a noticeable lesion. This STD spreads through skin-to-skin contact, not bodily fluids, so while it can help to sport a rubber ducky to a certain degree, definitely don’t rely on it.


3. HPV

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted disease, and there are 100+ types! Problem is that 40 types can affect your genital region which includes the vulva, cervix, rectum, scrotum, anus, penis… Long story short? A condom isn’t going to save your ass in the end!


4. Pubic lice

These are not the kind of crabs you would enjoy with a glass of wine! YUCK! Luckily, pubic lice are not very common anymore, especially when hair down under has almost disappeared on the sex scene with grooming trends. Pubic lice lay eggs and live in hairy jungles, so there isn’t a condom out there that will shield you all the way.


5. Molluscum

This common virus in passed from one area of the body to another by scratching and from one individual to another by skin to skin contact (sexual activity, contact sports, towel sharing…). It produces very small bumps on the skin which are usually not painful but can become swollen and red if infected. Moral of the story? A raincoat isn’t going to save the day.


Being sexually active means you need to take responsibility for your health and safety. Remember that while a condom will help to keep you safe and avoid an unwanted pregnancy, it won’t keep you protected from ALL STDs. Don’t live with your head in the sand! Get tested regularly, especially if you and/or your lover have multiple sexual partners.