Cameron Diaz’s 3 Anti-aging Secrets

Sunday, July 02, 2017
Cameron Diaz’s 3 Anti-aging Secrets

What do you consider to be a perfect day? A day off of work to lounge around the house? A morning of hiking in the mountains? An afternoon drinking green tea while reading a good book? Well if you had the chance to ask gorgeous Cameron Diaz this question, she would say it involves a balance of 3 components: sufficient rest, proper and balanced nutrition, and regular movement which for her is the ideal formula to be energized, excited, and ready for the day ahead of her.


It wasn’t till she hit the big 4-0 that Cameron Diaz began to reflect on what exactly it means to age. After much research and contemplation, she came to the conclusion that it is truly the simple things in life that have the most significant effects on us as we grow older. It all boils down to the food we put on our plates, how we move our body, and the ability to get sufficient rest. These are the keys to healthy aging.


Curious to know Cameron’s daily routine? These are the elements she focuses on:


  • She always makes her bed first - a ritual that kick starts her day.
  • Then she brushes her teeth, drinks one liter of water, and meditates for 20 minutes.
  • Then she eats breakfast, a meal consisting of some carbs, fat, and protein.
  • After breakfast, it’s time to work out.
  • She eats an early dinner in order to avoid a full stomach when she goes to sleep.
  • Her bedroom is dark and soothing to encourage proper relaxation.
  • Electronics are not found in her sleeping space.


Is every day perfect? Of course not; but what Cameron Diaz has clearly discovered is that when the 3 elements stated above are in balance, she feels her best, and this is something we can all relate to. Not maintaining balance in these 3 important areas hurts our bodies and our brains, and most importantly, it accelerates the aging process in our organs and cells.


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