5 Things Your Sweat is Trying to Tell You

Monday, July 03, 2017
5 Things Your Sweat is Trying to Tell You

We usually associate getting all hot and sweaty with an intense workout… or a major love making marathon; however what many people don’t realize is that sweat can reveal a great deal about our health and how we feel.  Here are 5 things your sweat could be trying to tell you!


1. Your blood sugar's low

If your blood sugar plummets below the 70 mg/dL mark (due to strenuous exercise or diabetes) you could start to feel the effects. One important symptom to pay attention to is excessive sweating, especially if at the back of your neck.  In the case of a mild dip, you can usually bring your levels up to normal by eating or drinking something.


2. You are stressed out

If you are THAT person taking a quick whiff of your armpits when no one is looking because you sense a stench coming on strong, you should consider your stress level. Sweat encouraged by stress is produced by apocrine glands which produce sweat that is mixed with fat, protein, and bacteria. It’s the recipe for a stinky mess so work on calming your nerves.


3. You might be pregnant

It’s pretty simple; anything that teases your endocrine system can encourage a sweaty mess. And while many think of the hot flashes and menopause connection, pregnancy can also be to blame! So get yourself a pregnancy test ASAP if you are suspicious... and dripping with sweat.


4. You are in a fishy mess

If you are sweating buckets and it happens to have a fishy odor, you might be afflicted with a disorder called trimethylaminuria. Those who have this disorder cannot break down the chemical compound trimethylamine, which is produced during the digestion process of foods such as eggs, fish, and legumes. Avoid such foods and make an appointment with your physician FAST if this sounds like you.


5. You might need to UP your water intake

Have you ever sweat a ton only to discover white streaks on your cheeks? This could indicate you are a salty sweater… a common issue for some people who ingest plenty of water during the day and maintain a low sodium diet. Best advice is to grab a sports drink to keep your electrolyte balance in check.



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