4 Ways to Bounce Your Way to a Better Love Life

Thursday, July 06, 2017
4 Ways to Bounce Your Way to a Better Love Life

The time has come to get out that dusty exercise ball and put it to good use! Who says you can’t add some sugar and spice to your love life with a bouncy Swiss ball? The bounce of an exercise ball might be exactly what you need to get into the rhythm of things… and reach heights you have never grasped before. Here are 4 positions to try at home… not at the gym please.


1. Flip-Around Cowgirl

Ladies… have your man sit smack in the center of your exercise ball with his legs comfortably spread apart. Next, sit on him as you would a chair while placing your hands on top of his thighs. Now get going for some super penetration and G-spot stimulation.


2. Sofa Surfing

Have your man sit on a couch with his legs spread apart. Now grab the ball and sit on it comfortably in front of him as you bend your knees and place your feet on the sofa. Make some serious eye contact and have him roll you to and from and he goes seductively in and out of you.


3. Overwhelming Oral

As you relax and lean back on the ball, allowing your head to gently rest, open your legs in a comfortable position. As your man keeps you steady and still, let him go down on you orally as he super gently rolls you from side to side. See how long you can last…


4. Supportive Doggy

Many men love doggy position, however, many women complain about the way they need to position themselves. With the use of a bouncy exercise ball, a female can rest in a forward position comfortably and maybe even enjoy the ride more! The ball offers great support for the back which makes the ride smooth and relaxed.


So while we hope there isn’t TOO much dust on your exercise ball (because after all, we want that gym accessory to see a traditional workout too!), we also hope you have been inspired to think outside of the box and come up with some interesting ways to boost your love life. Now go ahead and bounce your way to a new and improved love affair!


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