5 Reasons Why It’s Good for Your Kids to be Bored

Thursday, July 13, 2017
5 Reasons Why It’s Good for Your Kids to be Bored

Long gone are the days when the average kid would come up with a fantasy driven idea when boredom set in. Now it’s all about screen time, scheduled activities, birthday extravaganzas, and shopping for the latest must-haves. Whatever happened to the era when kids were allowed to simply be bored… instead of having their parents scurry around trying to fill up their schedules? God forbid we would all have to sit with nothing to do!


It is quite simple. Boredom is healthy! Read below to find out why:


1. Boredom helps kids to explore their passions

If we keep our children continuously busy they never learn to react to their inborn passions of the heart. Passions from deep within are often cultivated during early childhood, a time when youngsters should be staring at bugs and butterflies, making forts out of their mom’s bed sheets, and gazing at the clouds in the sky. Our passions are what make life truly meaningful.


2. Boredom boosts creativity

Way back in the day, you would give a child a big cardboard box and the world of creativity would bust open. Today, you give a child a box and they’ll peak inside to see where their new iPad is hiding! In order to nourish their deep imagination, cut out screen time and allow them to explore their inner and outer being with down time.


3. Boredom encourages problem-solving

Allowing the mind to wander from time to time is good for a child’s wellbeing and can actually allow for inventive ideas and solutions to problems. A calm and quiet mind learns to enjoy peace and tranquility. Kids need to recognize that they don’t always have to be on the go or entertained… and still feel content!


4. Boredom boosts happiness

Kids that grow up learning how to deal with boredom in a positive manner generally become happier adults. They don’t need to always be on the go to feel worthy and appreciated. Lucky are the ones that can sit in stillness, listen to their thoughts, and allow their inner selves to flourish.


5. Boredom turns kids into interesting individuals

A wise man once said: Only boring people get bored. So as parents, it is a gift to your child to allow them to experience boredom from time to time. Learning how to deal with calm and unconstructed moments is a great skill to acquire which will benefit them for a lifetime!


So stop trying to keep your kids busy 24/7! Not only is it good for you, but it just might be the best thing you can do for them.



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