Orchidée Impériale Black Treatment

Wednesday, August 02, 2017
Skin looks reborn after just 4 weeks
Orchidée Impériale Black Treatment

In search of a nourishing facial treatment that will protect, extend, and regenerate your youth? While we cannot turn back the hands of time, we can definitely utilize effective treatments that can make it seem like we have! This latest skin treatment by Guerlain offers your skin a deep treatment plan that renews your epidermis successfully.


One ritual… 4 formulas… 4 actions!


It takes 4 weeks for the epidermal cells to regenerate, and as we get older, this process becomes less effective. The solution? Remove dead skin cells. This 4-week intensive age-defying treatment will get you there.


The secret of this treatment lies in a concentration of Blackimmune technology™ and a combination of ultra-powerful ingredients. It provides the skin with ultimate self-protection and comprehensive age-defying performance for an extraordinary youthful appearance.



  • The skin looks like it has been renewed
  • Dead cells are eliminated
  • Texture of the skin is more refined
  • Wrinkles and fine lines seem to fade away
  • The skin is incredibly smooth


  • The skin regains its original radiance
  • The complexion is more even


  • Facial contours appear more distinct and the jawline is redefined
  • The skin is visibly denser and firmer


  • Perfectly nourished, the skin is suppler and plumper
  • Contours are redefined
  • The skin is velvety to the touch and flawless


It’s definitely worth a try, isn’t it? 

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