Easy Ways To Feel Sexier

Wednesday, May 04, 2016
Easy Ways To Feel Sexier
To be sexy you have to feel sexy.... Keeping that in mind, follow these tips one by one to bring out the sex goddess in you!
  • Don't save your sexy bras and panties for special weekend moments; wear them all the time and turn yourself on just thinking about how great you look in them.
  • Go green....and shower with your mate in the morning before heading off to work.
  • Flirt with that cute, young guy at the local coffee shop; give him a unique sexy name when he calls out for you and your latte.
  • Start your own book club with friends; however, only sexy books should be on the list of discussion.
  • Small, sexy moves can make you feel sexier than ever. When driving in the car with your spouse, let your fingers do some walking.
  • Invest in a pair of thigh high sexy stockings...and wear them!!!
  • Kiss like crazy in the rain - the steamy, wet scene will push you and your partner straight to the bedroom.