Are Your Kids Enjoying the Holiday Season?

Thursday, December 19, 2013
Are Your Kids Enjoying the Holiday Season?

The most special time of the year for children is CHRISTMAS! They love the holiday spirit, the gifts, and the family fun and gatherings. There are plenty of activities and fitness exercises for the little ones to maintain their activity level regardless of the temperature outside! Here are some creative ways to keep your kids active and healthy during the festive season:


  • During the holiday season, kids adore helping in arranging Christmas decorations and love to add their special little touches. Allow them to make some of their own 'works of art' to add to the decor.
  • Christmas caroling is a nice way to ignite the Christmas spirit. Sing your heart out!
  • Build a snowman with the whole family during snow trips. Don't forget to bring along a carrot for the nose!
  • Teaching yoga to your kids is an amazing way to relax with them and bond the family together.
  • Why not go indoor swimming? Don't let the cold weather steer you away.
  • Perform some fun and silly stretching workouts and exercises at home this Christmas.
  • Play painting games and Twister with the entire family. Classic board games never to out of style!
  • Involve your children in house chores such as organizing cupboards and closets. You can donate clothes and toys to the unfortunate this holiday season.
  • Enjoy gatherings with the family and dance the night away. Let your guard down and have fun.
  • Arrange activities and games after dinner and on weekends. You will love the quality time you spend with your kids, teens included!

Family activities should be fun for the kids. The ultimate way to ensure that your children are living a healthy lifestyle is to keep them energetic all year long. Enjoying time together can be both emotionally and physically stimulating! Don't let the cold season turn you off. Take the quiz below to discover the level of fun you are enjoying within your family!

1. How many children do you have?

A. 1-2

B. 3-4


2. Who creates fun plans in the family?

A. The parents

B. The kids


3. Do you enjoy the holidays at home?

A. Yes

B. Usually


4. How tight is your family when it comes to gathering together?

A. We hold on to family rituals.

B. We appreciate family time.


5. Your kids usually have fun:

A. Indoors

B. Outdoors


6. What fun games do you play with your little ones?

A. Twister

B. Painting



Mostly As: Your kids love the fun you are having as a family. Every single member of the family is happy. You are doing a great job in finding the right ways to spend time with the kids and create the fun environment that they need to be in.


Mostly Bs: Your kids need some fun. Christmas is usually the best time to spend quality moments and have fun with your kids and family. Take the opportunity to play with them, show them the fun side of life, and focus on family closeness and relationships.

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