What Men Really Think About Makeup!

Thursday, October 27, 2016
What Men Really Think About Makeup!

Have you ever thought about whether your man enjoys you wearing makeup or not? Maybe he prefers enjoying the natural features of your face? In some way, men do have an issue with makeup. They don’t particularly hate it, but might have some issues when it comes to certain makeup trends that are applied with exaggeration. Fit'n Style reveals the basic trends that men are not fond of when it comes to makeup.


Too Much, Too Little

No matter what the product is, when you apply too much of it on your face, something about you looks odd; you simply don't look like yourself. Men tend to love women in their natural form, and perhaps just a hint of a product does much more for your appearance than you realize. This especially applies to foundation. You don’t want your face to look too cakey; this just repels men!


Scary Vampy

It’s true that the wintery season screams out for vampy colors that are bolder, and your heart might reach out for them without hesitation. Beware of lips that are too bold for your special man! Vampy lipstick can drive your man from sticking by your side as he might prefer light'n sunny colors such pastels and natural reds. Stick to the bold hues for a day out with the ladies...


Spidery Webs… No Lashes   

Long, thick eyelashes are always a YES, even to men who don’t like makeup all that much. But when it comes to spidery lashes, we doubt that any man on Earth would fall in love them. Lashes that look like an insect that can crawl about at any minute are a huge no-no! Women might find them charming, but the men have a different way of thinking.


Raccoon Eyes…

Who loves them anyway?! You might attempt to achieve an attractive, smoky eye look, but one  tiny mistake, and you have dark circles that are not all that flattering. Please, just know when to stop adding the dark eye shadow and apply with care.


Too Much Bronze

Faking your true skin color can sometimes make it more attractive; just learn the proper technique so you do not go overboard. Men really hate it when tons of bronzing powder covers up your red cheeks that prove you still have some innocence left inside of you.