Exercises For Your Chest

Friday, June 10, 2016
Can certain moves reduce breast size?
Exercises For Your Chest

Dear Coach,


I have had a complex about my big breasts since I was a teenager. Even now, at 32 years old, I notice that when I meet guys, the first thing they do is gaze at my breasts; this makes me very uncomfortable. I’ve always been afraid of having them surgically reduced, however, I was wondering if there is any way to reduce them by performing certain exercises. Should you know, I am not fat, but I am about 6 kilos or so overweight.


I would very much appreciate your advice on this matter.


Best regards,

Samira A. B.

Dear Samira,


Let me start by explaining an important fact about the female breast; this will enable you to understand more about them anatomically and biologically, and more about how they work when it comes to female chest exercising. The majority of the female breast consists of fat tissue, so it is only natural for the breast to be affected by gaining or losing weight. There is no amount of working out or exercising that can tighten this fat mass.


From a technical point of view, one can only tighten and strengthen muscle tissue, not fat tissue, and the level of body fat can be gained (or lost) in the whole body proportionately – more or less. For these reasons, you should consider two things: to reduce your overall body fat and, unless you have a medical condition, follow a strenuous workout program. I am recommending this because of your age, assuming that you are healthy with no medical problems.


When you reduce your body fat percentage and become more fit, the size of your breasts will naturally become smaller. By so doing, some of your breast fat will be replaced by muscle, consequently putting you on the right track to reduce the size of your breasts without having to do so surgically. It is the same case as with professional female athletes and weight lifters; as you may have noticed, they hardly have any breasts. You don’t have to worry about being flat-chested like them; those sports women have a body fat ratio near zero, and this takes immense effort and dedication. I mentioned this just to give you an example of an extreme case.


The kinds of workouts I recommend are those that demand a great deal of effort (i.e. jogging, running, lap swimming, and aerobics). Brisk walking is a moderate exercise activity that’s fun, but it will not do the job. I also suggest performing a chest workout to strengthen the muscles of your chest. This will help firm and support your breasts, although not in a major way if done independent of the other suggested fitness activities.

You can perform bench presses (flat bench, incline bench, and decline bench), flyes, pullovers, and crossovers. If you exercise in a gym, you can also use any press machine for the upper body. Through my experience, I have found the most effective exercises are the push-ups (with variant hand positions) and pull-ups (with different grips); they not only work best for the chest muscles, but they also work the entire upper body with great efficiency.


Finally, whether you are small-chested or large-chested, love yourself and accept your body.  Believe me, your body will somehow respond better to the training when you have a positive attitude.


Best of luck,

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