Foolproof Ways To Keep Your Mind Young

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Foolproof Ways To Keep Your Mind Young

Do you live in the right or left brain? Do you live in pure happiness, joy, creativity, and intuition, or do you live in a world filled with logic, analysis, sequencing, and mathematics? Maybe you live in both! Most children begin their lives living in the right hemisphere where life is like a true Disney world... and perhaps this explains why living in such a world is much more joyful!


It is important to have balance between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. It is also mandatory to enrich both sides equally while maintaining your overall brain health. Follow the tips and exercises below to ensure your brain ages well and remains both healthy and balanced.


  • Perform aerobic exercise for at least 30- 40 minutes daily and eat pure and organic prana rich foods filled with color and vitality. Avoid dieting and consider eating in moderation. Be present while you eat. The brain loves nuts and fish (without mercury).


  • Protect yourself from toxins, pollution, and radiation in order to decrease brain age related damage.  Consider taking Siberian ginseng, Panax ginseng, and green tea to protect all bodily systems.


  • Exercise your brain daily and end in meditation. To improve your right brain, wake up in the morning and observe your environment. Take 5-10 minutes to perceive the world from a creative side. For example, what does your lamp look like? How else can it be used other than giving off light? How would you change its appearance? Do the same for all other objects in your household and end your practice in meditation and pranayama.


  • To improve the left side of your brain, mentally challenge yourself by doing crossword puzzles, Suduko, reading, writing, learning a new language, or mastering a new skill.


  • To keep and maintain a healthy brain, it is encouraged to carry out daily physical activities as much as possible (walking, playing, daily chores). Around 3-5 times a week, engage in recreational sports such as biking, basketball, volleyball, swimming, cycling, and swimming.


  • 2-3 times per week, perform flexibility and strength exercises such as yoga, stretches, weight lifting, rope climbing, and martial arts. Decrease the amount of time you spend sitting down watching television, playing video games, and just being inactive.
  • Always remember to focus on form and faults while you exercise, rather than intensity. Brain strength and building comes from concentrating on what your body is doing.
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