5 Helpful Ways to Overcome Sexual Insecurity

Monday, February 06, 2017
5 Helpful Ways to Overcome Sexual Insecurity

1. Get to know your naked self! Ok now...strip down and walk around like you are king or queen of the world! Before you can show off your sexual confidence, you need to get to know your naked body and like it. Admire your naked body in the mirror...forget the small defects and minor bulges...everyone has them. 


2. Discover your turn ons! Explore your body...touch yourself everywhere...get to know who you are and discover what turns you on. Once you discover what truly gets you off, you will have the confidence to lead your lover in all the right directions. The sex is going to be amazing...


3. Learn how to lose yourself! Stop trying so hard, stop criticizing yourself, stop thinking too much! Losing yourself in the moment can lead you to the best sex ever! If your goal is to moan and groan like a porn star...when that isn't really who you are...you will lose your way. Go with your instincts and enjoy every moment.


4. Practice makes perfect! Experiment with your lover and discover together what feels good. Didn't get it right the first time? There will surely be a second. Keep on exploring your sexual self and take your sexual experiences with stride. The more you practice, the better you will be. You wild thing you!


5. Don't be so serious! Sex isn't only about romance and roses. Have some fun and let lose. Giggle and tickle underneath the sheets with your lover. Get lost like a kid in a candy store. Sex can be amazing as soon as you stop thinking about your every single move!!