He’s Not Rich? It’s OK!

Saturday, January 25, 2014
He’s Not Rich? It’s OK!

Every girl dreams of marrying a man with money. Recent studies confirm that women are attracted to men who look wealthy. Why? It is simple. Money is a powerful aphrodisiac. However, dating a rich dude comes with its share of headaches and heartaches. In fact, new studies have shown that guys with less cash can actually make women happier! So your man is not that rich? So what! Here are four reasons why it’s ok!


1.  He’s less likely to cheat

Guys with a lower income are more likely to be faithful and less likely to stray. On the other hand, men of power and wealth feel entitled to cheat. Money and status often breed disloyalty. Rich men in general think they are above others and will never get caught because of their power. They lack commitment because with their power and money, they think they can easily replace you with anyone they want. Besides, rich men tend to have more women offering themselves sexually. Most men are as faithful as their options; more options equals to more temptation and more chances to cheat.

2. He’s more polite

According to recent studies, low and middle-income men are more polite than wealthy guys when they meet new people. ‘Poor’ guys are more likely to mingle with strangers and charm your friends; they are friendlier, laugh more, and make more eye contact. On the other hand, rich men exhibit more impolite behavior; the richer they are, the ruder they get. While men with less money try harder socially because making connections is a survival skill, rich and powerful people are less reliant on others. It doesn’t matter to them what others think of them, they believe they don’t need anyone. In addition, people who made their way to the top have probably done so while raging at employees, demanding the impossible, crushing opponents, and sweeping aside family and friends. It’s what’s required to accumulate wealth; charm doesn’t come into it.


3. He’s more supportive

According to recent studies, rich men are more sexist than their poorer counterparts. For them, it’s a man’s duty to provide the resources. Less paid men are often more supportive of their partners’ careers; they encourage their partner to fulfill their professional dream. With a richer man, it’s unlikely you will have a relationship of equality; your partner will be the one with more resources, and thus, with the greater degree of control in the relationship. He will decide when and where to go out and take the major decisions affecting your relationship. On the other hand, with less paid men, you both are practically on the same level of professional and personal development.

4. He’s better in bed

Guys with fat wallets are more likely to win a woman’s heart with money and power, and they use all of their resources to keep her. They’re probably not that considerate to their partners’ sexual needs either. Women in general put up with the bad sex merely for the lifestyle. On the other hand, guys with lighter pockets will try to excel in bed because they can’t afford to buy you fancy dinners. The only way for them to win a woman’s heart is by being charming, and the only way to make her stay, is by wowing her in bed. A fair trade! Don’t you think?

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