Have You Fallen In Love Online?

Friday, April 22, 2016
Have You Fallen In Love Online?

Have you ever met a person on the Internet and felt an instant bond? Have you ever wondered if it’s probable to fall for someone who you have never even met in real life? Here are the top reasons why net-dating can be a great idea!


  • Meeting people online takes away the hardest part of the dating procedure - the part where one has to actually walk over to the other person and utter the first few words. On the Web, you have the ability to plan out the perfect opening phrase effectively, and thus make a good impression. There are many people who love online dating for this particular reason.


  • Browsing on the Net and narrowing down your list to people who share interests or have a connection with you is often enough to contact them. This makes online dating much easier! You can eliminate those who do not interest you and not waste any precious time.  


  • Have you ever been on a date and quickly notice the other individual has a bad temper or is rather aggressive? Meeting a complete stranger in person at a bar or at a coffee shop can be a bit intimidating since you never really know what to expect. It’s definitely safer to manage this phase online than face-to-face. You can become somewhat acquainted with the other person before meeting them in the flesh.  


  • Online dating can sometimes even add excitement and romance to the situation before it gets physical too quickly. You can be attracted to the personality and their way of  communicating whether it’s on Facebook, Whatsapp, or Skype.


Take this test to discover if you are in love with your cyber-love!


1. Do you smile when you think of this special person?

A. Yes, of course.

B. Sometimes.

C. No, not at all.

2. Have you ever shared a secret with this person?

A. Yes, numerous times.

B. I once revealed something to him/her that no one else knows.

C. Nope.

3. Which of the following statements describes your feelings?

A. I think I’m falling for him/her.

B. What I feel is more than friendship... but it’s not love.

C. All I want is friendship.


4. You have known this person for…

A. Less than 6 months.

B. Just a few weeks.

C. More than 6 months.

5. How do you feel if you don’t see your cyber-love online for a whole week?

A. I get worried.  

B. I’ll keep watching for him/her but not be concerned.

C. I'll just text him/her later.

6. How often do you talk to this person?

A. We talk quite regularly.

B. We don’t talk over the phone, we just chat online.

C. He/she barely opens a discussion.

7. Be honest. Do you ever fantasize about him/her?

A. All the time. He/she means a lot to me.

B. Sometimes - and I hate to admit it.

C. Never. I don’t know how he/she actually looks like in person.

8. Have you ever Googled this person?

A. Of course! He/she means a lot to me.

B. Yes - just a bit curious.

C. Never. I don’t need to know more than I already know. 



Mostly As: Totally in Love – Why are you trying to deny it? You love this person and it is crystal clear. Talk with one another and see if he/she has the same feelings as you do. Good luck with your new love affair!


Mostly Bs: Pending Love – You want to meet this person, get to know him/her better, and learn more about his/her good and bad qualities. You think rationally and emotionally at the same time. You know what’s best for you.


Mostly Cs: Not in Love - You are definitely not in love with this person. It is only a friendship mixed with some harmless flirting. You are confident enough to realize and accept your feelings of love and fun.

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