Discover His Emotional State of Mind In the Bedroom

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Discover His Emotional State of Mind In the Bedroom

Most women would agree that they believe men have biological needs that just have to be fulfilled when it comes to sex. Well maybe there is more to that equation...


Experts reveal that many men learn early on that it's ok to express themselves sexually... as opposed to emotionally. attention to your man's sexual cues in the boudoir in order to know where he stands on the emotional front. Let's start to decode his moves under the sheets:


  • He is feeling powerless in the workplace: Your man may start to be aggressive sexually, trying to take his control back indirectly. Talk to him about it...over dinner...not while making love.


  • He feels he has too many responsibilities:  He can't seem to let go in the bedroom with all of his responsibilities at work and at home. Take over some of the work and take control in the sex department. Now he will be able to relax and enjoy.


  • He is insecure about your love for him: Your man suddenly wants to have sex more often - more like all the time. This can mean he is yearning for your affection and approval - needing you emotionally and physically. Reassure him in little simple ways.


  • He has just given up: He stops wanting to have sex. This could mean your partner has given up in a most of your attention is given to the kids, house, friends, etc. Make him feel special again and give him the attention he deserves. His libido will definitely kick in.


  • He needs reassurance: He cheats with another woman - which often has nothing to do with his partner! It has to do with his internal needs and issues...he wants to know he's still "got it"! Show your man he is appreciated and tell him he turns you on like no other.
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