Taking Your Breath Away…

Wednesday, February 05, 2014
With a few health facts!
Taking Your Breath Away…

Avocados are pregnant too!

Now that you’ve bought a heart friendly avocado, hold your breath as you cut it in half lengthwise! You will notice that it looks like a female uterus, with the seed looking like an embryo. This is no coincidence, as it helps promote a healthier reproductive system and prevents neural tube defects in embryos, thanks to its high folic acid content (40% of your daily needs in 1 avocado). Any breath left? You will definitely lose it when you discover that the avocado takes 9 months to ripen, exactly the same time for a pregnant woman to give birth!


Nose jobs busted!

Ladies, you can no longer deny that you’ve had rhinoplasty, even if it looks “so natural” and even if you had it done abroad! Here’s the evidence: Your thumb length should be the same as your nose length. If it is not, then you’ve had a nose job. So, the next time you’re asked about it, make sure to be honest! Who knows, perhaps the one asking you has read this article and is testing your truthfulness.


Challenge your left brain!

One minute can do wonders! Are you ready to take the challenge? Lift your right foot and move it clockwise in circular motion. Do that for 30 sec. While doing it, try to write number “6” with your right hand. Did the direction of motion for your right foot change? Of course it did. This is because the left side of your brain, which controls pace and time for the right side of your body, cannot handle two movements in opposite directions. Here’s a fact to share with your friends!


Years lost, here’s how!

Dearest smoker, you know by now the poisonous ingredients that a cigarette contains, the wrinkles it causes, and the blockage of arteries it results in. You probably remember the photo you saw in high school that compares the lung of a smoker with that of a non-smoker. This hasn’t been enough for you to quit I bet! Well, let me give it a final try: Each cigarette you smoke deducts 11 minutes of your life, which means that 1 pack a day would take away around 3 hours and 40 minutes. Not significant enough? Smoking for 10 years will cut off 1.5 years of your life! Now, think of the things you could have done in these 1.5 years: get married, seek a better job, buy a new apartment, be there at your daughter’s graduation, or even meet your grandchildren!


Cherish your last chance!

Life is all about taking chances. That’s true! Death also gives you one last chance - to express your feelings and to utter words you never dared to mention. While doing so, be sure your beloved one is listening, as the sense of hearing is the last sense one loses before death. Your beloved one may not be feeling you or seeing you anymore, but at least he can hear those last words, which are usually the most sincere!


Breathtaking quickies!

  • Your identity - is it only a matter of signature or fingerprint? Definitely not, since these are not the only characteristics that make a person unique. There’s the tongue print too! Every person has a different tongue. Who knows, perhaps with time we will use our tongue to sign during elections or to check in and out at work.


  • Who said height has to be measured in an upright position? You can identify it horizontally too! Here’s how: Stand in place and open your arms wide. The length from your right hand fingertip to your left hand one is exactly equal to your height! Can’t believe it? Give it a try!


  • Mirror, mirror, your vote counts! Which is the only feature of the face that does not change in size with time? The mirror voted: your eyes! This is true, your nose and ears grow in size as the years pass, while your eyes are the same size ever since you were a child!



  • Headphones are sound-proof and air proof too! This is because they prevent air from reaching your ears. The end result is more bacteria accumulating inside your ears, which may increase your risk for infection. Kindly note that for every hour wearing your headphones, 700 times more bacteria accumulates!