Say NO to the Toxic Mix!

Monday, February 10, 2014
Say NO to the Toxic Mix!

We are hearing a lot lately about the ban of energy vodka mixed drinks in Lebanon as of next June. The ‘gone viral’ alcoholic energy brands, which have been very active in the media since the beginning of summer, will have to discard their stock within the next  four months and will be prohibited to produce or market their products anymore.


This is a clever step taken by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Economy. Along with banning, the two large industries (the energy drink industry from one side and the alcohol industry from the other) have to put their hands together not only to tell people to drink moderately, but to educate and create awareness about the dangers of mixing alcohol and energy drinks!


So what’s wrong with these ‘party beverages’?


Here’s what’s wrong…. When alcohol (a depressant) is mixed with caffeine (a stimulant), it creates a toxic combination. The energy vodka combo can cause a much more remarkable intoxication that experts have called the “Wide Awake Drunk.” So the negative side effects of alcohol + the negative side effects of energy drinks act together to hit you at the same time.


Finding effective solutions to bring positive results and awareness will help people to consciously pass up these various kinds of mixed drinks. In Lebanon, prohibition is not the only solution. People need to know the reason why these drinks are being banned from the actual brands they’ve been mixing at clubs and at home!



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