10 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
10 Ways to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Those dreadful under eye bags that many of us get can make anyone look tired and worn out, the last thing we need when we are trying to look fresh and awake. But the good news is you can treat them with some handy knowledge. Read the ten tips below to discover some easy ways to banish those nasty bags.


  1. Treat your allergies: Most often, the reason for puffy eyes is seasonal allergies, which leads to water retention in the eye area. Sinus issues and colds can also result in swollen eyes. Since the skin under your eyes is delicate and thin, puffiness is immediately revealed. Take the proper medication to treat your allergy issue and use saline water spray for your nose to reduce congestion and keep the nasal cavity clear.
  2. Reduce your salt intake: Eating too much salt for dinner, like sushi with soya sauce, can leave you with puffy eyes the morning after. When there’s too much salt in the body, it retains the water you drink in order to slowly reduce the sodium concentration. Try to avoid salt altogether at night since your body won’t have enough time to balance it out by morning.
  3. Hold back your tears: Whether it’s a romantic flick or even a heart break, make sure you try not to shed too many tears throughout the night because crying also builds up fluid around your eyes where the tissue is concentrated with salty tears.
  4. Sleep on your back: Unfortunately, sleeping on your face or on your side can cause bags under the eyes due to water accumulation. Changing your position by sleeping on your back can fix the problem.
  5. Stop rubbing your peepers: Rubbing your eyes can cause puffiness, and if you are wearing make-up, this can irritate your eyes even more, causing water retention. Always wash your face with an appropriate mild soap and use suitable eye make-up remover before you hit the sack.
  6. Reduce your alcohol intake: Drinking too much alcohol can cause your body to become dehydrated. And what’s the end result? Regrettably, your eyes will sink into a pouch.
  7. Drink plenty of water: Staying well hydrated will ease up your under eye bags problem because it will drain the excess salt from your system and reduce water retention.
  8. Apply cold compresses: Placing cold cotton pads, slices of chilled cucumbers, or even frozen tea bags on your eyes can soothe them nicely and help steer away from puffiness.
  9. Moisturize effectively: Using special moisturizing eye cream will help keep the skin around the eye area healthy. In addition, using a sunscreen all year long will help to protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. 
  10. Use concealer wisely: Here’s a quick fix that won’t let you down! Applying concealer under your eyes will ease the appearance of bags by reflecting light and slightly camouflaging. Just make sure you apply it softly and gently without rubbing it into your skin.
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