Arc de Triomph

Sunday, April 26, 2015
Arc de Triomph

Arc de Triomphe is one of the most renowned monuments in Paris; it was commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806. Just imagine the magnificence of this structural arch and you will be inspired to get closer with your partner more than ever.


How To: The male has to sit with his legs extended on a bed while the female needs to sit straddling him and lowering herself on his penis. She has to really be comfortable and bend on her back smoothly; the woman should rest her head between his legs and put her hands back to grasp the man’s ankles or feet. The man can lean forward to spice up the position.

Pleasure Points: For those who are flexible enough to go on for a longer time, they will feel like they’re in heaven - especially in the woman’s case. The male and female will now be able to close their eyes and completely let loose since this type of pose will bond and please both of partners.


Advantages: The Arc De Triomph sex position is all about passionate teasing and bliss. It will give both parties a pleasant view of each other’s naked body. The male and the female can have control over the pace, the force, and the thrusting angle. The female will definitely enjoy the stimulation and her partner will totally take pleasure in the thrusting.

Disadvantages:  In this position, the female should be cautious not to damage her lower back. She has to be flexible and fit in order to perform this position since it needs a lot of agility and strength. However, in case of the male, he should be extra fervent while having this kind of sex to fulfill her desires.


Power: The female can use the male’s legs to support her which will allow for more energy and stability when he is actually thrusting. The power in this is both passion and craze; it is not just an ordinary move. The female’s litheness will allow the male to push even deeper.

Good Timing: The best time for this arch movement is when the female feels that she wants to throw her head back and let go, as well as, when the male and the female both want to connect with each other and have a romantic type of sexual experience.


Add a Twist: Placing his hands underneath her lower back will provide great support for the female. Additionally, she could ask him to bow at a snail’s pace and kiss her upper body. Throughout this spree, the female can pull her stomach up towards her lover to jazz up the hot vibes.


Bon Voyage, Bon Sex!!