The Secret Behind Madonna’s Hard Body

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Interview with Nicole Winhoffer - Personal Trainer, Artist, Dancer
The Secret Behind Madonna’s Hard Body

"I want people to move, to be free, to look their best, to feel their best… I want to inspire them. This is my purpose. My work reflects who I am and mirrors the expression of life." Nicole Winhoffer


Ever wonder how Madonna manages to maintain her rock hard body as she strides along so eloquently in her fifties? We’ll let you in on a rock hard secret: her personal trainer has her backside covered… literally. Nicole Winhoffer is a personal trainer, an artist, and a dancer. With the latest expansion of the Hard Candy Fitness Centers globally, she is ready to spread the good news: you too can have a body just like Madonna with the right workout. Let’s get acquainted with this inspirational trainer…


Tell us how your journey began and how you entered the 'business.' Your background is quite impressive, accomplishing many things at only 17 years of age.

I started dancing at 7.  By the age of 13, I had my parents drive me into New York City to take classes with the best instructors and learn the newest styles of dance.  I met different types of people, learned what the process what like, and realized I was actually eligible to audition. I auditioned for my first Broadway show at 14.  By the age of 17, I booked my first show.  I went on to do three other Broadway shows - Bombay Dreams, Wicked, and 42nd St.


Becoming Madonna's personal trainer is a huge accomplishment in itself and says a lot about how qualified you are as a personal trainer/dancer. How did you actually become her personal trainer?

As a professional dancer, I joined the Sticky and Sweet Tour as a personal trainer to her back up dancers in 2009.  After the tour, I was asked to train Madonna full time, a huge and exciting promotion.  It was such an honor. I love working with Madonna because she is dedicated, works hard, and we have a lot of fun together.  


As Madonna’s personal trainer, you expanded your role as Creative Director of Madonna’s program at Hard Candy Fitness: Addicted to Sweat, creating the content and programs for Hard Candy Fitness Gyms worldwide. Can you tell us about these amazing programs?

The programs I created for the Hard Candy Fitness Gyms are inspired by the workouts that I do with Madonna 6 days a week.  I have been working with her for almost 5 years and I have recorded every workout we have done together.  I have formatted a series based on the moves that she has responded best to and which she has liked the most; they are essentially all of our favorites.  So far, the Hard Candy Fitness Gyms have 8 toning and 8 cardio dance classes, and I look forward to creating more this year!


Hard Candy Fitness has gone international big time. How many locations are there worldwide now and what is the basis of this fitness chain and its philosophy? Does Hard Candy Fitness belong to Madonna?

Hard Candy Fitness is a series of fitness centers which are a partnership between Madonna, her manager Guy Oseary, and Mark Mastrov, the founder and CEO of 24 Hour Fitness. Founded in 2010, the venture now has centers in Berlin, Mexico City, Moscow, Rome, Santiago, St. Petersberg, Sydney, and Toronto. The motto is: "Harder Is Better."


We all hope to look as amazing as Madonna when we reach her age! What is the secret to her amazingly fit body? Can we all strive to look like her?

We work out together 6 days a week.  If you want to achieve your goals, consistency, dedication, and persistence are definitely necessary and need to be your priority. Your muscles are always in check; you strengthen your heart, tissues, and alignment by enhancing the body's balance and symmetry.  You are how you move.


How would you describe your workout style? Where do most people fail when striving for an amazing body?

My workout style is an energy driven flow.  I sculpt every muscle of the body by using different movement poses, patterns, and movements choreographed to music.  I keep the muscles guessing at every moment, and create the female silhouette by focusing on the back of the arms, the waist, and the butt.


It has been said that your favorite places to train and dance include London, Paris, Spain, Brazil, Mexico City, Russia, and Africa. Have you ever considered coming over to the Middle East?

I always keep my options open and I do like the Middle East very much! It would be really fun to do a private workshop in Lebanon!


And finally, how can our Fit'n Style readers in Lebanon and the Middle East get their hands on Madonna's Addicted to Sweat DVD's?

You can visit or you can check out my instagram; I am always posting behind the scenes videos from our openings and classes around the world.


Photo Credit: Eric Williams