Beyond Our Senses

Friday, July 21, 2017
Beyond Our Senses

Suddenly we look, and everything seems different…. Without warning our eyes attain new lenses, reflecting the world under fresh light – or perhaps through infinite darkness. Instantly, we break free from the ‘norm’ to allow flavored, assorted desires to be born…. Amazingly, we discover a dormant, unlimited sense sprouting to life in a swift moment… the moment is unexpected, and suddenly we witness the birth of our new sense: compassion.


Compassion seems to transpire like a seventh sense, in addition to our ‘traditional’ hardly fathomed sixth senses. At first glance, it appears to be an enemy to all our senses and a foe to our calculating mind. It seems to paralyze our intellect, defy our logic, and transcend us beyond lucidity. We foolishly try to rationalize it, in an attempt to define it in our physical world, in fear of losing control over our intellectual will. Yet we only discover that the mightiest determination is inadequate and defenseless against this newly realized ‘folly.’


From childhood on, we learn about our five customary senses, and along the way, we may further our insight about our sixth one; yet it remains unexplored, imperceptible, and vaguely understood by most of us. We go on experimenting and toying with those ‘tools,’ trying to discover and comprehend the world through them. Alas, we often look, but we don't see… or we rather see through the window of our mind, which imposes its comments across the board of all our poor and weak senses.


Attempting to understand this magical sentiment intellectually would be like struggling to confine a giant into a tiny bottle; this would be madness itself. Though when we embrace it undeniably, it seems to transform us to the most fertile ground of endless giving and understanding. Its power can transport us to new heights… to new realization. It is the realization that we become the compassion itself, or the compassion becomes us…. It wouldn't matter then, because we will be at the door of grasping our real self – the self that has been ambiguous and impenetrable by all our senses combined.

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