Recipes for a Super-Healthy Pregnancy

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Recipes for a Super-Healthy Pregnancy

At the latest, 9 months from today, you will be able to hold your baby tight, gaze tenderly into his twinkling eyes, feel the silkiness of his pure skin, smile back at his innocent smiley face, and cherish every moment with him. Perhaps you are busy decorating his bedroom, shopping for baby clothes, choosing souvenirs, or ‘googling’ for cute baby names. Kindly allow us to interrupt you for a few minutes to provide you with some handy recipes that will guarantee a super-healthy pregnancy and a steady transition into motherhood!  


Overcome Nausea with Vitamin B6!

  • Number of servings: 1
  • Vitamin B6 content: around 1.6 mg which is 85% of the daily recommendation
  • Recommendation during pregnancy: 1.9mg/day
  • You will need:
    1. Medium potatoes, 3
    2. Green onions, ½ cup
    3. Low fat sour cream, ½ cup
    4. Low fat milk, 1/3 cup
    5. Salmon, cooked, 120g
    6. Salt, black pepper, oregano, ½ tsp each
    7. Parmesan cheese, 2 Tbsp


  • Preparation:
    1. Bake potatoes at 230°C for around 45 minutes.
    2. Grill salmon and cut into small pieces.
    3. Cut the potatoes into halves lengthwise. Remove pulp of these potatoes and combine it with sliced green onions, low fat sour cream, low fat milk, pepper, oregano, and cooked salmon. Stir well.
    4. Add this mixture to the potato shells. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese over them.
    5. Bake at 200°C for 15 minutes.

Bonus Health Tips:

To relieve yourself from morning sickness (nausea), try drinking ginger tea made from grated root ginger. Put 2 tsp of it in boiling water, allow it to cool, and sip it all throughout the day. Not a tea lover? Try ginger biscuits instead.

Treat Constipation with Fiber!

  • Number of servings: 1
  • Fiber content: around 19.6g/serving which is 78% of the daily recommendation
  • Recommendation during pregnancy: 25g/day
  • You will need:
    1. Olive oil, 1 tsp
    2. Onion, ¼ large, chopped
    3. Garlic, 1 clove, minced
    4. Cumin, salt, paprika, ground coriander, black pepper, ¼ tsp each
    5. Lentils, 1/3 cup
    6. Diced tomatoes
    7. Spinach, ½ cup


  • Preparation:
    1. In a large pan, add oil, onions, garlic, coriander, pepper, and cumin. Stir for 5 minutes and then add paprika.
    2. Add the lentils and water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover the pan, and cook until the lentils are tender.
    3. Add the diced tomato, spinach, and salt. Remove cover of pan and cook for 5 minutes.

Bonus Health Tips:

To relieve yourself from constipation, introduce beans, lentils, and whole grain choices to your meals; these include whole wheat, bran, and oats. Shop for yogurt with digestion friendly probiotics “bifidus regularis” on the label. Pair your fiber consumption with drinking more water and getting off the couch! Want a quick solution? Here are 3: snack on dried fruits (4-5 daily). Dates, figs, prunes, apricots, and raisins are the best choices. Choose high fiber fruits, such as plums, pears, and apples. Get a nutty twist with Brazil nuts, peanuts, and walnuts.


Prevent Birth Defects with Folic Acid!

  • Number of servings: 1
  • Folic acid content: around 300mcg/serving which is 75% of the daily recommendation during the first 3 months of pregnancy
  • Recommendation during pregnancy: 400mcg/day for 1st 3 months and 600mcg/day thereafter
  • You will need:
    1. Cooked salmon, cut into chunks, 90g (115g prior to cooking)
    2. Spinach, 1 cup
    3. Cucumbers, chopped, ½ cup
    4. Red onion, ¼ cup
    5. Flaxseeds, ¼ Tbsp
    6. White vinegar, 1 Tbsp
    7. Olive oil, 1/2 Tbsp
    8. Green onion, ½ Tbsp
    9. Dijon Mustard, ½ tsp
    10. Garlic, ¼ clove, minced
    11. Avocado, 1, cut into chunks
    12. Broccoli, cooked, ½ cup
    13. Lemon juice, 1 Tbsp


  • Preparation:
    1. Combine cooked salmon, red onions, spinach, and cucumbers in a large bowl. Add broccoli and avocado chunks. Squeeze some lemon over them to prevent avocado from browning.
    2. To prepare the flaxseed dressing, bake flaxseeds in the over for 7-8 minutes. Let aside to cool and then grind in a blender. Whisk the flaxseeds with olive oil, water, Dijon mustard, garlic, and vinegar.
    3. Add 1-2 Tbsp of this dressing to your salad.



Bonus Health Tips:

This recipe provides you with an omega 3 nudge, known to be important during pregnancy as a mood booster and immunity enhancer! In addition, it is crucial for the development of your baby’s brain functions, memory, vision, and attention span.