5 Interesting Sex Facts

Monday, March 28, 2016
5 Interesting Sex Facts!

So you think you know if all when it comes to S-E-X huh? Well, while you probably DO know a great deal about the birds and the bees... we are rather confident that you can still brush up on your knowledge!


1. The power of a nipple: Your body is truly a fancy, well built machine. It is not an accident that your nipples are considered erogenous zones. Interestingly enough, brain-imaging research on women has shown that sensory signals from the nipples end up in the same spot in the brain that controls stimulation the vagina, cervix, and clitoris.


2. Sex education: So you thought that teens learning about sex will make them want to go out and have some? Not true. A study published by the Guttmacher Institute shows that if anything, sex education delays teen sex. Knowledge is power after all!


3. When sex gets boring: According to a recent survey, at least 12% of mothers are not always into sex and admit to using their cell phones while "doing it."  Now that's what I call multi-tasking!


4. Exercise can induce an orgasm?: Back to multi-tasking! A study involving women who had experienced orgasms during exercise in the past, and a group of women who claimed exercise induced sexual arousal, found that forty percent of such women had these experiences more than 10 times in their lifetime. How lucky!


5. Vagina sizes: Forget about penises, do vagina's vary in size?  According to a study in the journal Human Reproduction in 2006, the average vagina is about 6.2 cm long, but vaginal length ranges wildly from 4 cm to nearly 9.5 cm.