A “Perfume” Tasting Session

Monday, April 28, 2014
A “Perfume” Tasting Session

As you prepare your taste buds for choosing the most delicious wedding cake, you ought to prepare your sense of smell as well to select the perfume you will wear on your special day. Put a tick next to the “choose the bride’s perfume” on your wedding checklist, and make room for a couple of hours of sniffing...


Choosing the perfume you will wear on the biggest day of your life is not easy. Princesses and fine ladies attend cake tasting sessions where they take a bite of every delicious cake available. Sample the perfumes that most stimulate your emotions and arrange them in order in front of you. Start smelling the small perfume bottles one by one, and stop when you feel your heart pounding with excitement. That’s how you know for sure that is the scent for you. The groom’s heart is to beat twice as fast as yours is... as he approaches the lady in white!