5 Secret Ways To Turn Him On!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
5 Secret Ways To Turn Him On!

1. Stare into his eyes! According to the Journal of Research in Personality, individuals who are really in love gaze at each other 30 to 40% more than other couples do. They are also slower to look away when they are interrupted. So take advantage of such statistics and stare into the eyes of your lover today.


2.  Start sexting! Just for teens? Not quite. If you are feeling in the mood, and want to turn your partner on, send him a sexy text to set out the mood for the evening ahead. In the book Flirtexting: How to Text Your Way Into His Heart, experts suggest that when out with friends, get the games rolling with a few sexual words sent via text to your mate.


3. Dish out the compliments! And say it like you mean it. Saying sweet things about your lover will get his juices flowing, boost his confidence, and make him feel fantastic...in other words...you will turn him on. Positive and encouraging words can put couples in the mood. Everyone wants to feel desired.


4. Kiss him where he least expects it! Turn your partner on by nibbling on areas he doesn't expect you to venture. Go for his calves, abs, chest...Did you know that the inner arm is an extremely sensitive area? It is a spot said to arouse if kissed very slowly.


5. Be the sexy boss! Take over the reins for a change and be the one in control under the sheets. Tell him what to do to you...and reap the benefits. A strong and confident woman in bed can be super sexy. Who knows, maybe you'll have to punish him if he doesn't listen!?