5 Simple Yet Effective Beauty Tips

Saturday, December 31, 2016
5 Simple Yet Effective Beauty Tips

Beauty tips, advice, secrets.... Women have a lot to share when it comes to their favorite beauty tips. We have gathered some of our favorites for you to try today!


  • Don't fight mother nature! Got curly hair? Work with it by investing in a suitable good quality hair product that will bring out your natural waves. Don't fight them.
  • Do you pencil in your eyebrows? Can be tricky to get an even effect at times. Take out your cell phone and snap a photo of yourself. It's amazing how you will have a new perspective; it's just not the same as looking in the mirror.
  • A daily dose of fish oil can offer your hair the shine and health it craves. Your mane will reap the benefits of this new daily habit.
  • Give your scalp a good massage with the soft bristles of a good brush. This boosts blood flow and aids in hair growth.
  • Don't fear bright and fresh colored blush colors. It's amazing what a boost of coral or pink can do to your cheeks and overall complexion.