Breathe Better: Enjoy Finer Sex

Saturday, May 17, 2014
Breathe Better: Enjoy Finer Sex

Conscious breathing is the oldest practice one can use to bring attention to the body. When engaging in physical activity – sex not being an exception – we tend to grasp our breath, however doing so cuts off oxygen and tires us out more easily. Being aware of the energy’s flow through our body allows us to be present in the act.


It brings a sense of communion

According to Sayaka Adachi, a clinical sexologist and orgasm coach in San Diego, inhaling and exhaling in sync, and from the diaphragm, not from the nose (similar to tantric breathing practices), is a simple yet powerful method that increases the emotional connection, and therefore, increases the chances for partners to climax simultaneously.


It heightens the female orgasm

Because it does not go against a woman’s natural pelvic movement, Alex Katehakis, clinical director of the Center for Healthy Sex - Los Angeles, compares slow breathing to a natural form of Viagra. By slowing everything down, women build sexual tension, and by doing so repeatedly, they can have a bigger O when they let go.


It slows down premature ejaculation

One little exercise of the lungs helps men develop extra sexual stamina and more sexual endurance. By breathing from the stomach, and focusing on the quick tempo with which they are inhaling and exhaling, men can prolong intercourse even if they are close to ejaculation – especially if their lover is not ready yet.


Start exercising

Women are to try slow breathing alone at first, with no self-contact, to see if lubrication arises naturally. They are to lie on their back with their hands on the stomach. As they inhale, they are to picture breathing down into the genitals, drawing the blood flow to this area, infusing it with energy, and intensifying its arousal.


If you prefer doing it with a partner, try circled breathing. Start by finding the best time, place, and position that offers comfort and focus. Visualize taking in your partner’s energy as he/she exhales it from his/her erogenous zone while you draw it into yours as you inhale. Your partner is to do the same as you exhale.


As you get more in tune with your own sex life, so will your partner, giving you both new ways to stay in sync.