Motivating Style with paRs Charms

Friday, August 15, 2014
Interview with Roula Nahas
Motivating Style with paRs Charms
Motivating Style with paRs Charms
Motivating Style with paRs Charms
Motivating Style with paRs Charms

Bold, daring, inspirational, and thoughtful...this not only exemplifies the latest paRs charms launched  just a few months ago, it also embodies the woman behind their creation. Roula Nahas is a business woman who is driven with enthusiasm, not only in her business domain, but also in her personal life. A female who isn't timid to speak her mind... her words, thoughts, and beliefs are now being worn by women everywhere daring to make their own personal statement. paRs charms are more than just a fashion item or trend. They were created to inspire, motivate, and remind all of us that we can make our dreams and missions come true if we dare. The message is loud and clear: "Make it happen."

With an impressive business background and a palpable, savvy business sense, Roula Nahas, aka  Roula Abou Sleiman, is a "go getter." With a confident approach, she pushes through her life the only way she knows how: on her own terms. Easier said than done, her inspiration behind the latest paRs charms business encompassed just that: set out your goal in life and make it happen. Without passion in our life, how can we truly get anywhere after all? But where did her passion come from?


"I grew up in a family of boys - and I was treated like one of the boys. Nothing was forbidden. We had strict limits and boundaries, however I was always encouraged to strive for what I want. This kind of foundation builds one's character and makes you strong."


Happily married and the mother of two young children, Roula Nahas was suddenly inspired on a Fall day in September 2012. As the Regional Marketing Manager for Bestseller ME, her job often takes her on trips around the globe. One day, while sitting on a flight from Denmark to Beirut, she couldn't help but jot down her spewing thoughts onto an airline paper bag. Where was she going with this spontaneous idea? Only time would tell. Before the end of the year, and only a couple of months later, the paRs charms project was fully launched in December 2012. Necklaces and bracelets with clear messages, clear intentions, and seven special words: Blessed, Lucky, Happy, Joy, Success, Smile, Love...


"paRs Charms are motivational treasures that were created to express the right to live your best life. Make it happen."

So why would a successful business woman even want to put more on her plate? Because she can.


"I've always been pushed to something on my own, and I have tons of support on every level. I am proud to say that I am where I am today in a business sense because of my boss; I have been working for him at Bestseller for 10 years now. He has stood up by my side and put his complete confidence in me and my ability. However, when so much trust is put upon you, you can't make the wrong decisions...and you must do everything possible to maintain such a trust. I will never leave.  I don't need to blink or think. I am so lucky to be where I am today. My job is as important as any other task. Giving something your ALL - that's what makes you successful."


Roula's innate passion pushed her to take on this new project, and it has taken off full blast. With the continuous support of her loving husband as well - who she gushes about like a teenager in love - she  has managed to literally do it all. And she wants to help push other women out there to find their own passion - without trying to come across as too cliché. Whatever she is doing, it is definitely working. We can only hope that her eagerness is contagious!


So how can a woman stand tall in the business jungle out there?

"I have been in the public relations business for almost 19 years now, and when it comes to being a woman, you teach others and demand from others how you want to be treated. When you stand firm in your position,  you cannot go wrong. It's always back to YOU - how you handle yourself and the others around you. No one can do anything to you unless you allow them."  


What basically started out as a small and subtle venture has turned into something much bigger than anticipated. Again with passion - anything is possible! Speak your mind, go against the current, shoot for the stars, fight for your life, do the impossible...for nothing is impossible! The power of a woman is one that is beyond description. For all the tasks, masks, and hats we put upon our heads...we are still delicate creatures after all.

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