Are You a Tech-Savvy Traveler?

Saturday, June 07, 2014
Are You a Tech-Savvy Traveler?

Thanks to mobile technology, travelers expect a more personalized experience nowadays when it comes to vacations during summer time. When I travel, I do my research online before stepping into another country; I love to thoroughly plan for my next retreat. One can learn many things about the culture, the people, and other useful information before heading off on their destination. Being knowledgeable makes any excursion much more pleasurable. Let’s take a glimpse of some interesting facts related to traveling…



Techie-trekkers look for apps or sites, such as and, in order to access information about hotels, flights, restaurants, and attractions. They generally enjoy posting on Facebook and tweeting about their upcoming vacations.


  • 52% of travelers use social media to find getaway inspiration
  • 29% of travelers search on Facebook for travel planning ideas
  • 81% of travelers read hotel, restaurant, and site reviews by other travelers on TripAdvisor and find them very helpful for making smart decisions


Avid travelers can never take too many photos – including selfies - to post on social media. Why? Because they want to show their family, friends, and the rest of the world how much they are enjoying their time visiting nice places and savoring in interesting activities.  They use their mobile devices to take photos, make reservations, check online reviews, translate languages, use map features to get directions, and search for restaurants and other attractions.



Once the vacation is over, it’s time to start sharing the memories and experiences everywhere. Approximately 45% of tech-savvy travelers write hotel, restaurant, and activity reviews on the Web, while 76% of social media users post photos and videos.


Now it’s time to quiz yourself! Let’s find out if you are a digital traveler or not?


1. You are:

A. Female.

B. Male.


2. Your favorite time to travel is during:

A. Summertime.

B. Holidays.


3. Your packing strategy is:

A. To make a detailed list on a mobile or tablet.

B. To begin laying things out a few days ahead.


4. Do you use social media to announce your next trip?

A. For sure.

B. It depends.


5. While traveling, do you immediately look for Wi-Fi connections to start chatting with friends and family?

A. Only when I’m at a restaurant having lunch or resting at the hotel; it’s good to use the time to catch up back home.

B. Not really; I would like to take advantage of socializing and getting to know other people.


6. What kind of memories would you like to keep when you’re on vacation?

A. Photos on my mobile device or digital camera.

B. Ones I have written about in my travel journal.


Mostly As: You’re a digital traveler: You love planning, searching, and doing all your homework before your travel. You prefer to be organized and know everything beforehand. You want to blog every single cultural experience online during and after your stay!


Mostly Bs: You’re an analog traveler: You usually like to explore and experience a new culture and country while you are there on vacation. You prefer the old way of doing things, such as writing thoughts and stories in a journal and taking photos with your analog camera.

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