6 Clues to Spotting a Liar

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
6 Clues to Spotting a Liar

It’s good to have trust and faith in others… in the people you meet and those involved in your everyday life. However, if you begin to feel doubtful about your partner’s sincerity, your best friend’s stories, or even a colleague’s antics, then you need to take some precautions. We rounded up some helpful guidelines for you to know and discover if a person is lying to you right smack in the face.


Beware of too much information: You must know that a lie can be a larger-than-life depiction, full of details to glorify false information. The truth, on the other hand, is generally straightforward and simple. A person in question might create a beautiful story well in advance; or they can even create a colorful tale at that very instant if talented enough. If you focus and listen to what someone says, you will be able to differentiate between truth and deceit. Try changing the subject for a while, and return to their tale again for more clues.


Look for body language clues: Concentrate on the prospective liars’ body language, especially the hands. Suspicious individuals usually feel the need to entertain their hands while fabricating. You will notice them play with their hair, or even lay a hand on their face, ankles, knees, and elbows… but never on their chest or heart. In addition to that, they cross their legs and place themselves in a shriveled type of body position. Take notice of these tell tale signs.


Notice the eyes…they never lie: All liars feel too guilty to look you straight in the eyes; however, expert fibbers will look at you intentionally to try and guarantee that what they are saying is truthful and honest. Brush up on your detective skills! A liar usually acts in a completely opposite manner than he/she generally does during a normal conversation. Investigate!


Watch out for strange behavior: Show a small hint of doubt in the person who may be lying and he/she will usually start to show aggression since this is the best form of resistance and protection. The individual might become very angry and fierce. Whenever you bring up a certain subject, your normally calm friend reacts in a different and strange way; be a cautious and smart observer.


Pay attention to the …fake face, fake smile: When somebody is truly content or sad, their mood is revealed on his/her face, and not just on their lips. A liar will reveal a happy or sad face just a few quick seconds before or after he/she is supposed to. You should analyze every single emotional response projected to figure out if he/she is full of crap or not!


Take heed to a change in topic: The pretender can always find ways to change the topic of conversation since the longer his tale goes, the bigger the probability is to get busted. If you bring back the same subject matter over and over again, he/she will most likely become very annoyed and will try to escape the situation. 


Learning how to tell if someone is lying can give you the essential tools to identify deception straight away. Best of luck Sherlock!


Men v/s Women



Men lie 3 times a day

Women lie twice a day

Men lie to look better in the eyes of others

Women lie to make others feel better

Men lie to their moms

Women lie to their moms

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