Let Me Take a Selfie

Sunday, June 22, 2014
Let Me Take a Selfie
Let Me Take a Selfie
Let Me Take a Selfie

I almost bit my tongue and choked when I read that the word “selfie” was announced as word of the year for 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit, but yeah, I was dazed. I fully comprehend that language is continuously evolving and we are in constant need of new terms that will help us communicate in this era of ever-evolving concepts and technologies. But selfie?    


Selfies are nothing new; however, the rampant proliferation of this practice is fairly so. Research revealed that the first selfie ever taken was in 1839 by Robert Cornelius, an amateur chemist and photography enthusiast who took the picture by removing the lens cap and then running into frame where he sat before covering up the lens again. It is said that it took him around 15 minutes to take that selfie. Would we still do it today if the process took that much time and effort when we normally generate about 10 to 20 selfies per day? I wonder….


Back to reality.


Selfies have taken over the Internet. You can’t even log on to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram without being bombarded by faces and body parts. This can be a bit awe-inspiring, and sometimes even repulsive. Duck lips, bed heads, silly faces, tongues, abs, butts, boobs, beach feet, bathroom, gym, mirror, car, and celebrity selfies - you name it - they all exist, and they have become an extremely annoying aspect of our newsfeed.


Feeding pieces of ourselves to the Internet, we have gradually lost touch with real life. We have strayed away from who we really are, or rather were, drowning in this fierce current of narcissism. We have become antisocial to the extent that all we care about is the “I,” the “me,” and the “my.” How do I look? How many likes did my duck face selfie get? And it goes on and on. Ironically, if the number of likes is not up to our expectations, we end up deleting the post or the photo altogether. We have all done that at least once; just admit it!


You can agree or disagree, but just think about it next time you log on to Facebook or any other social account. Oh, I forgot, you are always logged on with your mobile. You never know, maybe out of the blue you find yourself in Washington D.C. How can you miss the chance of checking in and updating your status with a larger-than-life selfie bombing the White House in the background?!


Back to the facts.


By definition, the word selfie means “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” Such a sweet, simple definition fails to explain the tremendous psychological impacts of such a self-indulging act.

Selfies are invested with a lot of ego and vanity; the world needs to understand that these egotistical photos are always self-serving. They neither enhance characters, nor make better individuals. They just expose weaknesses, self-centeredness, insecurity, and constant craving for attention.


Deal with it.


You always look for the best angle to show off your new tattoo, your new piercing, your hot abs, or your newly done breasts. But, have you ever asked yourself why you do that? I will tell you this; you do so thinking that when you post such an annoying digital piece of yourself, you are way better than others. You want to show the world how exciting and wild your life is. But here is a fact you have totally missed: with every selfie you post, with every check-in you make, you are wasting a real life moment that will never be lived again because you were so indulged in keeping us posted to your whereabouts.


So please, instead of wasting your time staring at that little screen and checking how many likes you got, enjoy your life without letting us know what you’re doing. We have other things to worry about, and your messed up hair is at the very bottom of our hectic lists.


Dear all, sorry if have offended you. I have nothing against you personally; it’s just your selfies that madden me. You are better than that people!


Warmheartedly, I so wish that this craze would just stop!


Now excuse me, I am going to take another selfie!

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