6 Swimsuit Tips Based On Your Body Type

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
6 Swimsuit Tips Based On Your Body Type
6 Swimsuit Tips Based On Your Body Type
6 Swimsuit Tips Based On Your Body Type
6 Swimsuit Tips Based On Your Body Type


Beach time has arrived... and we know that you are probably running to the gym as much as possible to work on that beach body of yours as quick as you can. That's all good, but you should also know that there are additional strategic ways to make your body look its best in a swim suit. Choosing the perfect style for your body type is one way to look your best. Here are some handy tips:


  • Flat Chested? If you are lacking in the boob area, rather than relying on extra padding and push up tops, go for frills, beading, and/or busy prints on top to give the illusion of MORE.
  • No Waist? In order to create the illusion that you do indeed have a waistline, choose suits with an A-line top or a low-rise, scoop bottom. And think about investing in a sexy one piece that can actually carve you a waistline with cut outs in the right spots.
  • Built? If you have a stalky, athletic type of build, consider a more feminine look on the beach. Opt for florals, ruffles, and bows to create a sexy and womanly look if that’s what you desire.
  • Curvy Hourglass?  If you are a curvy woman heading for the sand, why not go for a bikini top that provides you with the support you need, with a bottom that shows off your waist?
  • Skinny Mini? Well shaped cups make your bikini top look most flattering, and if you dare, you can also go for a one piece swimsuit with cut outs that give the illusion of a curvy waist.
  • Busty: Good support is your goal. Choose bikini tops that have a good sized broad band around you to give the hold you really need, with sturdy straps to make you feel comfortable.  


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