Are You Overdoing It On the Alcohol?

Saturday, February 28, 2015
Are You Overdoing It On the Alcohol?

Do you find yourself pouring one too many alcoholic drinks lately? While we do know that a good glass of wine can do your health good at times… drinking too much booze can be detrimental to your health and to your lifestyle. How about taking a little break from the bottle? Here are some of the benefits to do so:


  1. You will wake up the day after your night out… headache free.
  2. You will rid yourself of red eyes and dark circles, looking more rested and fresh.
  3. You will save money! You can use the extra cash for a gym membership.
  4. You will be more alert and your memory will be sharper.
  5. If alcoholism runs in the family, you have a greater chance of reversing this.
  6. You can reduce your risk for liver disease, some cancers, and cholesterol issues.
  7. You will boost your immune system.
  8. YOU will be in control of your mood – not the booze!