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Fit'n Style is an educative and captivating magazine, published in Lebanon by PINKOD s.a.l and distributed both locally and abroad. With an entertaining approach, our creative and trusted sources present content designed to raise public awareness – nationally and throughout the Arab region – regarding the significance of developing a healthy and well balanced lifestyle.


Our publication offers women and men useful advice on an array of topics including fitness and health, popular training, sports exercise tips, diet and beneficial nutritional suggestions for weight-loss, and muscle development. It also includes editorials concerning their lifestyle, presenting topics on wellness, sexology, beauty, and fashion.


"No Fit No Style" is the motto of our mission, dedicated to educate and entertain those who are looking for a healthy guide, leading to an energetic, happy, and satisfactory self-image. Our fervent conviction is owed to the belief that healthy universal ambiance starts with an individual. We aim to introduce dynamic and practical steps that have a constructive impact on the lives of those who implement them.


We also aspire to further accompany and encourage those who are already living consciously and prioritizing the wellbeing of their body and mind - those individuals that can sway their environment and echo a uniquely positive impact. Our objective is to share with them our knowledge and resources to keep them informed with innovative and novel ideas to improve every aspect of their daily affairs.


We envision the content of Fit’n Style persuading our readers to reconsider the lifestyle they’re living, and creating the desire in them to reevaluate their way of life. With our consistent and clear message, we predict the modest culture of “No Fit No Style” evolving into an integrated part in the life of our magazine’s lovers. Our vision does not encompass adding more years to their lives, but simply reflects  optimizing the years they are given.

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