Is The Adonis Golden Ratio Really The Perfect Body Formula?

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I can’t help but roll my eyes at the thought of the perfect body. What is it? Does it exist? Surely the perfect body entirely depends on what the perfect body actually is?

Then I got to thinking…

That’s right – the perfect body depends completely on what an individual sees as a perfect body, right? Not everyone wants to be slim, and not everyone wants muscles – everybody’s different, and the world would be a very boring place if this weren’t the case. But there’s just something about the concept of perfect being individual that feels quite empowering.

With this newfound empowerment, I started to do a bit of research (as I do). Is there any science that actually supports my theory or does this perfect body actually exist? Well, according to the Adonis Golden Ratio, it does?

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What Is The Adonis Golden Ratio?

It’s a system, dubbed the Perfect Body Formula by Men’s Health Magazine, and workout programme full of tips put together by John Barban.

Adonis Golden Ratio

John is an expert in nutrition, physiology, and biology. He also taught Human Performance at the University of Florida – so it’s safe to say that he knows what he’s talking about. He also formulated the programme based on his own experiences. He isn’t naturally one to have “the perfect body” – he has what has become known as the “skinny fat” shape or pear male shape. So he has to work twice as hard for a physique that he’s happy with.

Anyway, back to it!

The Adonis Golden Ratio is actually just that – a ratio. A specific proportion between your shoulders and waist (in males, of course). In fact, it looks at the male’s natural DNA, the way that men have been portrayed over thousands of years and the shape isn’t huge – it’s “ideal.”


John suggests that this proportion is a sign of the highest degree of genetic fitness that is naturally appealing to women. There’s a lot of science behind it and a lot of claims that it’s the perfect shape in the eyes of a female, but when you think about the basics, it’s just a shape that most men aspire to have – and do have, under the lifestyle that the modern world has meant we live!

And How Do We Get It?

So John is actually quite straight talking about the Adonis Golden Ratio. He doesn’t pretend that it’s so easy to achieve and that you’ll be sporting it in no time at all. He’s realistic. On-site, he tells us that the further you are away from the Adonis Golden Ration, the harder it is to achieve – which, when you’re selling a programme, is a ballsy thing to say.

But it’s true.

Man doing workout at the gym

The programme starts with measurements to see where you fit on the “Adonis Index” and how far away from the Adonis Golden Ratio your body currently is. By doing this, you’ll know what you need to do and how much work you need to put in. By saying that it’s not going to be easy, John has made himself super respectable. He’s not trying to sell a fad; he’s promoting a lifestyle change through hard work and dedication.


What Are The Fundamentals?

So even before getting started with the programme, John gives us all some tips and tricks towards the Adonis Golden Ratio, which are:

  1. Don’t deadlift or do weighted ab crunches
  2. Cut out soy and processed foods
  3. Don’t bulk and then cut
Soy sauce

You’re probably thinking, huh, what, why? Aren’t these the, well 1 & 3 are anyway, the things that the industry always tell us to do? And they are! But John says to stop deadlifting and weighted ab exercises because they broaden your waist and the Adonis Golden Ratio is all about having a smaller waist.

Soy foods and anything processed also causes an estrogenic reaction in the body, which can make it hard to do the whole burn fat and still build muscle thing. It can also lead to what Arnold would call the “girly body.” Bulking and cutting also adds estrogen that slows down fat burning and gives you the wrong figure for half of the year!

So ultimately, leave them well alone!

The Programme – Is It Worth It?

Well, let’s find out, shall we? It’s a 12-week plan that works to kill that stubborn fat and get yourself a lean body without drugs! An excellent sounding start, right?

Like we said earlier, before you get started, you work out where you are on the Adonis Index. This way, you know where you currently are, and already knowing where you need to be, to see what work you need to do. Then, you’ll work through the programme that’s tailored for what you need to get there!


For $47, the programme comes in 3 parts – the Training Programme, Nutrition Programme, and Supplementation. Workout wise, the programme shows you what to do and when. It even tells you what you should be doing to optimize your hormones and the exercises not to do! All in all, to get that perfect V tapered shape the Adonis Golden Ratio is all about.

Muscular man holding a dumbbell

The nutrition guide is full of all the meals you need to get there too. It tells you the foods you need to eat for growth and fat burning as well as the ones you should stay away from. You’ll also see a section for cheat meals if you need them and even when to be eating them for optimized benefits.

Finally, the supplementation guide takes you through the supplement industry, what’s worth your time and what’s not – to make sure you’re on track and not sold on anything you shouldn’t be.

And The Verdict?

Impressive – to say the least. You can tell it’s founded on science and has an end goal in sight. The programme is holistic, so is easy to follow and you don’t feel like you’re going to fail – because all aspects of your lifestyle are covered! For this reason, I have to go with a 5/5 marking – The Adonis Golden Ratio really does what it says it will!

Editors Choice

Adonis Golden Ratio

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Dubbed as "The Perfect Body" formula by Men's Health Magazine
  • A 12-week plan to lose fat and achieve a lean body without drugs
  • Contains a training program, a nutrition program, and supplementation
  • Optimize workout routine with a dietary guide for maximum results