The Best Natural Testosterone Supplement? A Complete Andro 400 Review

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Are your energy levels not what they used to be? Do you feel like you need some extra help to get rid of your stomach fat once and for all? Could your sex life use a little spicing up?

Maybe it’s time to kickstart everything back into gear with a supplement.

But wait, aren’t a lot of fat burning, mood lifting, sex life improving supplements risky? Aren’t they often intense supplements that claim results but consist of scary chemicals that have the potential to harm your body in the long term?

I understand your struggles. It’s a hard decision to make.

There are so many supplements that claim to support your efforts in decreasing fat and increasing energy levels that either don’t work or cause more health issues down the road.

However, this is an entirely natural herb that delivers safe, noticeable results.

Keep reading for my full Andro 400 review and how to get your hands on it.

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What does it do?

Andro 400

In the most general sense, Andro 400 is a supplement that increases testosterone production in the body. Decreased levels of testosterone are associated with weak muscle gains, higher body fat, lower energy levels, and decreased sex drives.

Higher levels of testosterone result in more muscle gains. More muscles lead to a higher metabolism. Higher metabolisms create a decrease in fat and increase in energy levels. The combination of higher metabolisms with higher testosterone levels leads to a stronger libido and more sexual stamina. Who doesn’t want all of that?

Who can see results using this?

Andro 400 comes recommended for men or women in their 20’s or 30’s hoping for more energy, more muscle gains, and increased stamina for physical activities. It can also decrease stress levels and increase the body’s basal metabolic rate. A higher basal metabolic rate means more calories burned just for existing.

Andro 400 shouldn’t be confused with Andro 400 Max.

Andro 400 Max is a similar natural supplement by the same company. However, unlike Andro 400 which help anyone, the Andro 400 Max formula helps men deal with a decrease in testosterone as they age.

Specifically, Andro 400 Max is ideal for men experiencing andropause, the male version of menopause. [1]As testosterone levels decrease (a direct result of growing older), men may suffer a loss in sex drive or sexual performance. The Max version claims to return testosterone levels to that of a man in his 20’s.

Andro 400 Max includes more ingredients in different amounts than Andro 400. It is not ideal for younger people or women. Despite having a different formula, there are still no side effects to this version of the supplement.


What are the ingredients?

Andro 400 has only one ingredient, an herb called Eurycoma Longifolia.

Native to Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia and Malaysia, Eurycoma Longifolia has been used for hundreds of years as a weight loss supplement. You can also find the herb under the less formal name Tongkat Ali.

Traditionally, people drank a liquid form of the herb to support their weight loss efforts. However, studies have shown that it can also be effective in extract or powder form. The powder form of Eurycoma Longifolia fills the Andro 400 pills.

Inactive ingredients in the pills are rice flour and gelatin.

These form the casing of the capsule and thicken the powder, neither of which have no effects on the healing powers of the supplement. While not vegetarian-friendly, it is notable that Andro 400 ingredients are also natural. The lack of additional, inactive chemicals or fillers is a huge plus.

How does Eurycoma Longifolia support the body?

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The Eurycoma Longifolia in Andro 400 frees testosterone that is already inside the body. It does this by unbinding testosterone that is attached to other compounds in the body and releasing it back into the system for use. It does not create or add new testosterone.

Basically, Eurycoma Longifolia causes trapped testosterone to unstick itself and become available through the body, causing higher levels in the bloodstream and the resulting greater muscle gains.

The natural increase in available testosterone from Andro 400 is much preferable to synthetic supplements that either trick your body into creating more testosterone or add artificial testosterone to your system. The Eurycoma Longifolia herb works naturally with your body to use what it already has inside. This decreases the risk of overloading your body with unhealthy levels that it cannot process.

The boost brings many benefits.

Primarily, it works to increase your metabolism. As a result, a decrease in body fat, an increase in sex drive and sexual performance, and a bump in energy levels occur. All of these combine to see more significant muscular gains and definition and a happier, more full life.

Is this healthy?

No known Andro 400 side effects exist. As testosterone-boosting supplements go, this one is safe. The confidence and safety come from the fact that it includes only one ingredient that comes from a plant.

Most individuals can take it for up to 9 months at a time without concern.

There might be potential health problems that occur in the prostate, liver, or kidney with extended use. Some Andro 400 reviews have reported bloating, dizziness, pain in the abdomen, or diarrhea. Male pattern baldness is also mentioned occasionally as an adverse side effect to the use of testosterone boosters. However, these symptoms and side effects are not common, and the claims have not been verified.

Notably, many of these potential concerns are the same side effects that result from a long-term excess of hormones.

If the body has more testosterone than it can handle, the extra turns into estrogen. High levels of estrogen can cause a myriad of problems, including an increase in fat production. If you take Andro 400 and experience any of these symptoms or the opposite results of your goals (specifically weight gain or a decrease in energy or sex drive), then you should consult with your doctor to see if you have too much testosterone in your system.

Natural Health Solutions in Florida makes Andro 400. Their facility has been inspected and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means they uphold the highest levels of safety, cleanliness, and research, even though the FDA does not regulate the supplement industry.

Andro 400 has been on the market since 2004 with no changes to the formula and no lawsuits or controversies. When it was released, it was the only natural testosterone boosting option on the market. When compared against Nugenix and other supplement alternatives, Andro 400 remains one of the best and cleanest.

Long term benefits of t supplements

Does it do all it claims it can?

All supplements, especially natural ones, face a lot of skepticism. Many of the supplements deserve the skepticism and scrutiny they are put through. Sometimes they seem too good to be real or healthy. Often, scientific researchers cannot support their claims. So, we’re left uncertain if it is worth using or if it really works.

Reputable, scientific research backs these positive reviews.

Studies by the International Journal of Preventative Medicine support the traditional use of Eurycoma Longifolia as a testosterone booster. While the traditional use as a drink is more effective, positive results from the extract and powder exist as well.

Additionally, the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition published a study that demonstrated the ability of Eurycoma Longifolia, the active ingredient in Andro 400, to stimulate the pituitary gland and, as a result, produce more testosterone. As we’ve covered, more testosterone increases one’s metabolism and provides the fat burning, libido boosting and mood lifting benefits the supplement claims.

It must be noted, however, that this study showed no testosterone booster or fat burner results from doses under 400 mg daily. This potency requirement might be the reason some Andro 400 customer reviews on Amazon claim to experience no results. Andro 400 has a recommended dose of 300mg of Eurycoma Longifolia each day, whereas the competition begins with doses around 500 mg and higher.

Overall, science and many reviews support the use of Andro 400 to bolster muscle gains and definition, to decrease body fat and to increase one’s energy levels, stamina, and sex drive. However, a higher dose might become necessary or come recommended for some users.


Is this a good choice for me?

As with any supplement program, it is always best to talk to your doctor before beginning to use Andro 400. That said, for the majority of the population, this herb is extremely safe and a healthy option. The side effects are few and far between.

If you’re hoping to lose some extra fat or boost your sex drive naturally, this is a great choice.

Lose weight and increase sex drive

The fact that it works with your body makes it an ideal supplement option. Plus, research studies back the effectiveness of Andro 400’s active ingredient.

Some Andro 400 reviews include complaints that they don’t experience the promised benefits of the supplement. They don’t see any weight loss or stronger sex drives. Some even go so far as to call it a scam! This is most likely the result of it being the wrong dose or product for them.

Individuals with already high testosterone levels will not see the same results as those whose levels can use a boost. Similarly, some people require a higher dose than the 300 mg daily dose of Andro 400. If you find yourself like these supplement reviewers, have your doctor run tests to check your testosterone levels and see what’s going on.

Where can I buy it?

You can find Andro 400 for sale most places you purchase your supplements, including Walmart and GNC. It is also available for purchase from the product website

Andro 400 costs around $30 for a month’s supply, depending upon how much you purchase at a time. There are rarely coupon codes, but the price will drop if you join a monthly subscription or buy many months at a time. Instead of a free trial, there is a 90-day money back guarantee if purchased through their website.


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