Why It’s Okay to Eat Hummus Everyday

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No really, it is okay. Unlike many other foods, except perhaps fruits and vegetables like the doctor orders, hummus is just one of those foods that might do us some good by eating it everyday.

You’d think it wouldn’t be possible. Especially with food like hummus. Not only does this stuff taste incredible and go with everything, but it’s also got some pretty credible health benefits that come with it.

A volume of chickpeas in a plate

Typically a middle-eastern dip, hummus is the simple concoction of chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. It’s hit the headlines for one main reason of late, and that is purely down to its uses for health.

It’s nothing new though. It’s been a staple in its home countries forever, and even those more inclined to a healthy lifestyle have long triumphed its benefits too. But lately, the rest of the world finally sees just how much of a gem this delicious dip can be.

But everyday, you ask? Yes, there really is no reason to say why you shouldn’t eat hummus everyday. In fact, there are only reasons why you should, so let’s start off with those.

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Healthy Hummus

So we’ve all heard a lot by now about just how good hummus can be for you, but why? Why is it so good? Why should you eat hummus everyday? Surprisingly, this little dip can take on a whole load of forms to boost a new health kick for you and here’s why.

Weight Loss

Yes, it really works. Studies have even taken place just to prove it. Not only are there common connections between the types of people that eat hummus often (and yes, we are talking even daily here) and the size of their waistline, which is usually smaller than those that don’t.

Maybe it’s because they are leading a healthy lifestyle and hummus is just one of its components or perhaps it really does get to working when it comes to losing weight.

eat hummus everyday aand lose weight

One thing’s for sure though, due to its higher protein content, it does keep you fuller for longer. Foods like this do help kick appetites and emotional cravings, which then lead to a smaller intake of calories. And what do you know, weight loss is on its way!


Hummus has been proven to lower cholesterol, so if that’s a significant health concern for you or your family, introducing hummus into your diet might just be a brilliant move. Some shop bought versions do contain a lot of salt, however, so if anything heart related is your motivation for reading this, perhaps making your own might be more beneficial.


It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of antioxidants, but hummus is full of them. We all know just how good antioxidants are for our bodies [1] and considering chickpeas have a high content, it’s good to know that something that tastes this good can also do a little good when it comes to boosting our bodies.

Blood Sugar

Ah, that dreaded blood sugar – the one thing we’re all trying to keep balanced at one point in life or another. Being high in protein, it keeps cravings at bay. Also be in low in sugars, it keeps you balanced, as well as encouraging you to stay away from the things that have the exact opposite effect.


Cereal with milk and juice for breakfast

Not only is hummus high in protein, but it’s high in fiber too. Fiber is great for the digestive system and keeps everything moving and working as it should when it comes to our bodies [2]. Knowing that you can pretty much indulge in something that is getting your body in good working order is a blessing right?


Strangely enough, hummus has also been linked in cancer, but for all of the right reasons. Unlike many of the things that seem to hit the headlines for being able to cause or encourage cancel, hummus helps to keep it away. It contains folate, which is known the reduce the risk of cancers such as that in of the colon.

The high in fiber element also helps to promote healthy bacterias within the colon which, again, keep your risk levels lower.

Eat Hummus Everyday – Lifestyle Choice

As if a big old list of health benefits wasn’t enough, hummus also rocks for lifestyle reasons too. Sometimes the health benefits can be enough to make you listen, but if it’s not enjoyable, it won’t stick. Luckily for us all, that’s definitely not the case with hummus.


Yes, you can pick it up from pretty much every store these days, but it’s also just so easy to make. Those few simple ingredients we first talked about, which are chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt, can just be thrown into a blender and there you have it – hummus. That’s all it takes. You can make it or store it, and it sure tastes better when you know you’ve made it yourself.


And while we’re on the topic of taste, that makes a list too and is probably the main reason why hummus is so popular. Something can be the healthiest thing for us, but if it doesn’t taste good, it definitely won’t last.

Tasteful sweet peas paste with bread

It also comes in a huge range of flavors. You can find hummus in its original form, just like the recipe we talked about, or even with red pepper, basil pesto, coconut, chipotle, spinach and even something a little spicier or exotic. But then again, if you’re making it from home, you can really make it any way you like!

Hummus really is that good, so what are you waiting – pop it straight to the top of your daily diet and thank us later.


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