The Only 5 Detoxing Steps You Need for an Effective Liver Cleanse

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Despite it being a bit of a buzzword, detoxing is good for the mind, body, and soul and it’s not just recently that it’s become a bit of a thing. In some cultures, particularly in East Asia, it’s something that gives a lot of care and attention throughout life. Detoxing not only leads to a better body, but the mind benefits too.

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Take liver cleansing. It’s one of the most sought-after detoxes and for a good reason. The liver itself acts as a bit of detoxification for the body by keeping it free of pollutions and anything harmful. It also balances some hormones and nutrients as well as produces cholesterol and bile – all mega important things for our body’s function.

So, when it’s feeling a little strained or run down, it will be in need of its own detox.

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Liver Stress

It may sound silly, but the liver does go through its own form of stress, even if you have no idea it’s taking place. There is a mix of lifestyle choices and our own functions that can put stress on the liver, and when this happens, it’s not performing to its best.

Some of the main contributing factors towards strain on the liver can include coffee and alcohol, refined sugar and processed foods. We all know that these aren’t all that great for us, but modern lifestyles mean that we continue to indulge in them anyway, which can also be a bad sign for the liver.

But it doesn’t just stop there, any food allergies that you may have, lack of sleep or even emotional stress that you could be going through will affect the liver and its functionality. It does also go without being said that things like environmental chemicals or things like pharmaceutical or hormone drug use can also take its toll.

So before we even get to the steps, it definitely should feel like you know a little more about how to keep your liver functioning well and lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Each of the things that can affect the liver can do so in different ways. But some of the ways that the liver can be strained do lead to ongoing problems elsewhere with the mind or body. If you’ve ever felt things like fatigue and mood swings, sluggish and hormonally imbalanced or even suffer with things like headaches, sickness, bloating, skin breakouts and colds that keep coming back, it could be down to your liver – especially if you have no other ailments.

Just making a few changes to your lifestyle can really make all of the difference. By changing the way that your liver works and helping it to perform at it’s best, you’ll be doing your body a whole lot of good.

The 5 Simple Steps

There are a whole range of things that you can try for both the body and mind, involving physical food and drink intake changes as well as lifestyle factors, including what’s mentioned above, but the below five are definitely the top easiest and most effective for you to try and know they will make a difference.


A bottle of drinking water

Water is one of the only things that can be a great cure for so many things. By keeping the body hydrated, everything will be in much better running order, not just your liver. But, when the liver is hydrated, the flow of nutrients to the liver is clearer and faster, allowing it to keep your body safe, running and protected. Adding in a little lemon to some warmer water also helps with the detoxification when done first thing in the morning.

Stay Simple

Now this one is about your foods. By sticking to a much simpler way of eating your body will thank you for it. Processed foods were one of the things on the list of things that cause the liver stress, and so were refined sugars. Staying away from both and ensuring your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals will make a lot of difference in the way your body both looks and feels. Meats, fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables are what you need here.


It probably seems a little unorthodox to state mindfulness here, but as mental functionality and health can have such an influence on the way the body acts, looks and performs, it really is essential. Taking some time out for you, feeling calm and caring for yourself will help the way your body and the liver work. Whether it’s traditional meditation, a massage, exercise or a favorite pastime of yours, it will clear your mind and leave you stress-free when carried out regularly.

Toxin Free

Perhaps a more obvious step but one that is crucial all the same. By upping your water intake, eating healthier and trying to stay stress-free, you’ll be counteracting your hard work if you’re continuing to pile harmful foods and substances into your body. Things like caffeine are what can harm your efforts here, so it’s best to stay away from coffees and teas and perhaps opt for herbal hot drinks instead.

Be Happy

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If the last was quite obvious, this one might not be. It sounds silly to advise happiness as an aid in cleansing the liver, but due to the part stress playing on liver functionality, it’s important. Holding on to any anger will only harm the way your body works. Let things go, forgive and opt for joyfulness instead. It will also help you feel better about many things and not just aid your liver.

It’s important to remember that your cleanse is going to involve a conscious effort to make small changes here and there to improve the wellbeing of both your mind and body. But, by carrying out these simple steps for your liver cleanse, it won’t be long before you’re feeling the benefits.

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