How to Detox Your Body in the Easy Way

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It’s that time of year when detox is just everywhere. Not only is it something that our bodies are crying out for, but it’s that one that health fanatics and nutrition experts talk about most as soon as spring starts.

And for an excellent reason.

The winter season is over, and it’s time to get ready for the beautiful days ahead – and no, I’m not just talking about being physically prepared. For the spring and summer seasons, it’s just way more fun to have a lot more energy. There’s too much stuff to miss out on otherwise.

For some reason, we all seem to have that awful sluggish feeling after the winter season is over. Perhaps we’re just like those cute little animals that head off into hibernation each year and so why wouldn’t we want to shake ourselves off and get ready for the warmer months?

Kids playing at the beach

Detoxing is perfect for just that, and it’s not as hard as you think. It’s quite easy to follow just a few simple steps that will make all the difference to your days.

If you ever suffer from things like aches and pains, tiredness and feeling sluggish, breakouts, headaches, and even bloating, a detox could be just what you need to combat it all.

And it can be fun. It doesn’t just have to be all about juicing, and it certainly doesn’t involve starving yourself. Detoxing is just the opposite, it’s about giving your body everything it needs to do its job – so what can be wrong with that?

With a detox, you’ll be feeling completely balanced and functioning just how you should be in no time at all.

Read on and learn how to detox your body in a few easy ways.

Table of Contents

How to Detox Your Body – A Little Goes a Long Way

It does! That’s the way to think of it – and of course, tailor each step to suit you, your needs, and your lifestyle as you go. You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference you can make.


Pouring drinking water into a glass

How could this not stop? Water is a cure for pretty much all those minor, temporary niggles we all feel from time to time. Upping your water intake by just a glass each day, until you’re at around 2 liters each day, will kick-start your energy levels, stop you from feeling bloated, and clear out your skin – and what’s not to love about all three?

Even if you’re not keen on water, go for fruit teas, add a lemon slice into warmer water or even add a little sugar-free cordial to your drinks – you’ll start to feel a difference almost immediately.

Meditate & Breathe

Meditation should be more widespread than it is. Taking some time out each day, just to regroup, clear your mind, and relax is good for both the mind and the body [1]. Not only will it help to keep away any stresses that could be having an unconscious effect on your body, but it will make you happier.

Girl meditating at a rocky beach

And breathing helps too – breathing deeper that is. Taking just 10 minutes each day to breathe deeper into your lungs and take your mind away from the world. It will do you wonders, even if you don’t realize it now.

Greens & Juice

how to detox your body with food

Now I know that I said detoxing isn’t all about juicing, but it can be if you want it to. Not only are there some kick-ass recipes out there, but juices are a super quick way to get a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet in one go. They’re easy to make too – you just add all your ingredients, that can include any fruits and vegetables that you like, into a blender, blend away, and you’re done.

Making sure you eat more greens is just as important too. By upping your fruit and vegetable intake, you’ll start to feel less bloated, as your digestive system will be running more efficiently (and that’s because it will be) and you may even drop a pound or two or notice that your skin is looking clearer – great benefits hey!


Now, this is the part that I think you’ll like. Who doesn’t love sleep? And the great thing about it is that it’s just so good for you. Making sure you get a solid 8 hours each night will help your mood and make sure that your body is working to its full potential [2]. You’ll be able to do more, feel full of energy, and feel less sluggish.

Cut the Crap

Spilt coffee beans

Now, this one might sound a little controversial, but it’s the best way to put it. You might love coffee, sugary drinks, and all those bad foods that contain way more salt, fat, and sugar than you’d probably want to know, but they don’t love your body, and they’re certainly not doing you any good.

Eating foods high in bad fats, sugar, salt, or even anything that’s processed will make you feel sluggish, make you gain weight, and even unbalance your hormones or make you break out. They never do any good. But if you can’t kick the habit completely, cutting back will make a difference. Set yourself a limit and see how it makes you feel. Before long, you’ll be off the stuff for good.


Ah, finally, the one we all love to hate. Even the best of us can find getting up and going a little tough at one point or another. But, exercise helps. Not only is it needed to keep your body healthy and to move, but it can keep severe health conditions at bay – or at least make you a lower risk for getting them.

Man getting ready to exercise and jog

Walk to the shops instead of driving, bike with the kids to school, or maybe even to work if it’s not too far. Or, if it is too far, park a little further away or get off at a stop further away. Join a class that you’ll find fun, swim, run in the countryside or even go hiking. Exercising doesn’t have to be in the gym if you don’t want it to, but it does need to be fun.

Now when you know how to detox your body, these steps may not seem like they’ll change the world, but they might just change how your body feels, and that’s pretty great.