Hydroxycut Review – Can It Really Help You Lose Weight More Easily?

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With a lot of Hydroxycut review pages available and talking about the numerous benefits of these weight loss pills, the popularity of this increased fat burning supplement has skyrocketed in recent years.

Nevertheless, many have asked, what is Hydroxycut really, and can it actually help you lose weight faster than most of the other weight loss supplements available on the market?

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What is Hydroxycut?


According to Hydroxycut review statements presented by actual buyers, Hydroxycut is a nutritional supplement used for weight loss that has actually been around for quite some time – more than a decade, in fact.

Containing a number of ingredients that have been associated with fat burning, metabolic increases and reducing weight gain, it has been seen throughout the years as both amazing and controversial by experts and users.

The company that manufactures the supplement also provides a wide range of other weight loss and bodybuilding products, Hydroxycut review pages from various specialized sites pointing to them as being superior in quality to many of the newer supplements out there.

Efficiency and Ingredients

To better understand the effects of Hydroxycut, let’s take a look at some of its main active ingredients. The most notable ones present within the supplement in various dosages are as follows:

  • Caffeine – used in many similar supplements with proven results when it comes to weight loss
  • A powerful combination of herbs that includes wild olive, Lady’s Mantle, komijn and wild mint extract
  • Various minor ingredients, including Vitamin C and calcium

Now, if you’ve been to a lot of Hydroxycut review sites, you may have seen many pages of feedback that attest to the supplement’s efficiency but cannot really be proven as genuine.

On the other hand, aside from the research done on the beneficial uses of caffeine, two equally important studies exist on the four herbs used for manufacturing the product that is mentioned above.

Microscopes in a lab

One of the studies has focused on animal testing, having used large doses to obtain significant metabolic increases in lab rats and decreased weight gain in chickens. While the results were promising, the researchers have concluded that there is no guarantee the same results will be present in human subjects.

The second study focused on 34 overweight or obese human participants and was basically a blind placebo experiment. The subjects were split into groups, one being given a herbal extract made from the herbs present in Hydroxycut, while the other was given a placebo pill before every meal. The results were quite surprising and even startling, with the group taking the herbal extract losing more than 20 pounds on average after 12 weeks.

While not fully conclusive, these studies seem to show that there is definitely some truth to Hydroxycut’s success. Scientists agree that the supplement’s increased popularity is not based on sheer “hype” and that the scientific proof of its effectiveness may be considered quite valid.

Feedback and Reviews from Real Buyers

It’s enough to take a quick look online to see just how many people have commended Hydroxycut in their testimonials about the supplement’s effectiveness. Not only are people claiming to lose weight as a result of using those pills on a regular basis, but some have also said that they feel more energized and able to exercise without as much fatigue as in the past.

While a few people have said that the supplement didn’t help them at all – or just to lose maybe 2-3 pounds – many others claim to have lost more than 10 lbs within the first two weeks of using it.

Of course, Hydroxycut review sites talking about these types of success stories often warn that you can’t reach that performance without a little effort. These are not miracle pills, and you will likely need about 30 minutes of daily exercise, along with an appropriate low-calorie diet in order to lose weight in a fast and effective manner.

The Bottom Line

A woman working out with trainer

Despite the fact that there aren’t many studies to support the efficiency of Hydroxycut and that some would claim the supplement doesn’t work as advertised, there are still many reviewers and nutritionists that would recommend it as an aid in reaching your weight loss goals.

Objectively speaking, Hydroxycut does present a few important benefits that would promote it as a useful and practical weight loss supplement. Moreover, Hydroxycut review sites also talk about it as being an excellent low-cost alternative to many other drugs and over-the-counter products that seem to present similar results.

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