Making the Most of Muscle Preservation & Fat Loss with Mancore

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As much as it shouldn’t take place, it needs to. Of course, I am referring to the division of the sexes when it comes to health and fitness. I have heard people saying that women should train like men and that there are no differences in health and fitness for males and females, but this is not true.

Men and women have different genetic makeup, just like we all do individually – but it’s very different for males and females. Our bodies hold weight differently and use fat differently – they are also different in terms of the hormone levels. Because of this, men and women should always have different outlooks on health and fitness.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to health and fitness for men and women.

But that’s fine. It’s the way it is. Surprisingly, because men seem to be more into fitness and health than women (supposedly), I have always been surprised by the majority of female products on the market – i.e. those that are solely aimed at (and marketed towards) women – compared to those for men.

Man on weight training

More men have been weight training for longer than women, so if you’d think there would be a whole market of male dominated products – it’s not always the case.

Because I try to make Diet Union a hub for everyone – both women and men – I want to try and include more male specific product reviews, because I know there are always plenty for women. But, me being a woman, it is easier for me to review female products or those that are aimed at the female market, than it is for me to review those for male.

I don’t mean to be sexist here, but I am a woman and not the target market for these types of products, so I do wonder if my results would be accurate. So, in order to keep things fair and real, my lovely boyfriend is helping me out. He has come in handy on a few other reviews and has enjoyed it – so, once again, I have roped him in on another male centric review of mine.

This time, it’s for Mancore.

What is Mancore

As a product range aimed completely at men, Mancore is made by the brand Complete Nutrition and is for weight loss. One thing I do like about the Mancore range is that you can buy a few products or opt for a pack. The packs are aimed for programmes or as a booster pack, like the 3 pack (which focuses on fat burn, testosterone boosts and growth hormone) or the 2 pack (which focuses on the fat burn and boost).

Fat burning pills for men

The range is keen on helping men to lose weight, but without losing any of their muscle mass that they have worked hard to build. Secondly, it also focuses on testosterone. The male hormone is really helpful in fitness for men, but production can slow after the age of 30, so sometimes, a little boost is needed.

How Does It Work

For the review, I felt like it was important to look at the whole Mancore package. Because of this, we will be focusing on both the Mancore Total Fat Burn and Mancore Muscle Preserve products. Both have their benefits but work well together. So let’s have a little look at these in more detail…

The Mancore Total Fat Burn product does exactly that – work towards burning fat. But, it also works to boost your energy levels and metabolism too. This way, the natural fat burning will happen quicker.

The Mancore Muscle Preserve was formulated to preserve muscle whilst fat is being used up – very important during a weight loss journey for men. It also aims to support testosterone levels too through the use of Vitamin D and to keep up energy.

Both products are to be taken in the morning and afternoon, one capsule each time and with 8 ounces of water each time. The only difference is, you take the Mancore Total Fat Burn 15-30 minutes before a meal in the afternoon and the Mancore Muscle Preserve is taken with the meal in the afternoon.

So, as you can tell, when both products are used together, it’s a great combination for men that are on a weight loss journey – not only are you getting assistance with weight loss and fat burning specifically, but you’re working hard to keep as much muscle as possible whilst doing so.

How Did It Go

Man on outdoor weight training

So, my boyfriend has been kindly helping me out with this review and trailing the two products – Mancore Total Fat Burn and Mancore Muscle Preserve. He has been using both products for 6 weeks so far. His serving size is 1 capsule at a time, twice a day and each bottle comes with 120 capsules, so he had a 6 week amount to begin with. And yes, we have since bought more – which should give you an indicate to what he thought.

He has felt more energized since adding in the Mancore products to his diet and it’s also aided his personal weight loss journey really well. He wanted to lose around 12 pounds during the 6 weeks and he has done so well – he actually managed to lose 15 pounds! We are both so pleased with this.

He does weight training and so far, doesn’t feel like he has lost much muscle with the diet and Mancore Total Fat Burn, which we can only put down to the aid of the Mancore Muscle Preserve. So, all in all, we are both impressed with Mancore and have to give both products a 4 out of 5.

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