Staying on the Road to Wellness with Xyngular

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At this time of year, I like to try and put a lot more time and effort into my health. I know that I try and stay quite conscious all year round, but during the warmer months, there’s nothing like staying on top of things and being at your peak.

Sometimes, the basics aren’t just enough. You’ll know by now that year round, I have a few things that I like to do. Not only do I drink countless amounts of water (read as 3 liters a day), stay clean (most of the time) with my eating and ensure my vitamin and mineral intake levels are where they should be, but I try to incorporate fitness tactics to give it all a bit of a boost.

Running, yoga and weight training are all a part of the package for me and contribute to how I feel. If I’m having a down day or have opted for pizza for dinner, I know that my exercise routine can be the answer. It isn’t about being strict for me, it’s purely about balance. When I have a great balance between healthy eating, exercise and enjoying myself, I feel well.

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Wellness is so important to me. I guess people talk about being healthy and to me, being well is healthy.

But, like I said, sometimes in summer, I like to twist things up a bit and challenge myself. I do love superfoods and any trending food group because it’s always worth seeing if things live up to the hype. I’ll try all of the new or popular foods and I like to make sure my supplements pick up anywhere I’m lacking.

So, for the purpose of anything helpful review and of course a little trial for myself, I’m seeing what Xyngular is all about.

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What is Xyngular

Just like some of the other holistic brands that I’ve used and reviewed before, Xyngular is quite similar. It’s not a protein brand, supplement company, diet plan or exercise regime as such, it’s more like a combination of it all.

A whole set of products for wellness

Xyngular focus on the whole. Whether it’s a goal you’re working towards, a total change or even just a boost – they don’t believe that one thing alone is the answer, but a mix of changes in difference areas. That is what gets the results.

Considered a life changing system, Xyngular works with many goals, from weight loss to health improvements, using their kits to help you along the way. They’re personalized and realistic, two things that I personally believe are important on a journey like this. It’s not very helpful if a programme is based on someone with different traits and goals as you or over promises.

How Does It Work

Firstly, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. But, overall, the Xyngular way is based around food, products, exercise and the right support. All of their plans, systems and programmes work in this way – which is another thing I love!

With Xyngular, you can choose from their Products, Starter Kits or Transformation Kits. Each of their individual products form a part of their kits in some way and in different combinations – to then reach entirely different goals. But it does mean that you’re able to go on re-buy whatever you need from your kit individually, rather than in another kit form.

Their Starter Kit options are really helpful. They come in the form of the Ignite Kit, Ultimate Transformation Kit and then the Business Building Kit. They of course depend on your needs, goals and personal preference. Then, the Transformation Kits come as the Weight Loss Kit, Energy Kit, Wellness Kit and the Daily Essentials Kit – all of which look just as great.

Each kit then comes with the right supplements and meal replacements that are put together for the purpose of that specific goal. They also give you the Xyngular Healthy Plate, which is a form of diet plan to follow in order to make sure your goals are much more reachable in combination with your kit. You will also be expected to exercise to achieve the results too. Again, this will depend on the plan you go with.

Why Wellness

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So, for the purpose of my trial and also this review, I have gone with the Wellness Kit. I chose this because I felt it would be right for me and I really do want to see what type of support I can get on my health journey.

The Wellness Kit includes the Xyngular products Axion, Global Blend, Xyng, Lean, Xr2 and a Shaker Bottle. In short, each of these are for Daily Health Support, Anti-oxidants, Energy, a Snack Replacements and Stress Suppressant respectively.

The Results

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So I have been taking my Xyngular Wellness Kit combination of products for a few weeks now and I really like them. I do feel a little brighter in the mornings and I am full of energy. I have not changed a single thing in my lifestyle other than adding in the Wellness Kit.

I didn’t need to make changes as I already am active and have a clean healthy diet – but if you don’t do both of these, you will need to make changes to both the way you eat and the way you move and exercise.

I definitely feel that my body is a bit different. Both in the way that my digestive system is working, because I feel so much clearer and efficient with my food and then also with my energy levels. I feel like I have more life in me.

I am interested in how the kit works with aging as I know the Xyngular Wellness Kit promotes healthy aging. So, to test this, I think I will keep it up and see how I get on!

I will have to give Xyngular 5 out of 5 for their Wellness Kit and maybe I will try some of their other kits – if you have any recommendations, let me know!

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