Best Testosterone Booster for Bodybuilding: The Top 10 Choices

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Are you ready to unlock the power that natural testosterone supplements can bring to your muscle mass, strength, libido, and overall virility? We introduce the top 10 testosterone supplements for bodybuilders to help you achieve your goals and fully support your health.

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Top 10 Best Testosterone Boosters for Bodybuilding

After researching the t booster market and each of these products in detail, we’re confident we have created the best t boosters for bodybuilding list on the internet. These are our top picks:

TestoPrime – Best Testosterone Booster for Bodybuilding Overall

TestoPrime is designed for men who train hard. It does a really good job by accelerating protein synthesis, the process of breaking down and building muscle. You’ll notice a faster muscle growth and recovery process. 

Also, TestoPrime’s choice of natural ingredients will boost testosterone production and reduce its conversion to estrogen. TestoPrime’s key ingredients are:

  1. D-aspartic acid supports the production of the luteinizing hormone (LH), increasing t levels.
  2. Ashwagandha and fenugreek extracts increase metabolism and help boost libido.
  3. Panax ginseng, a potent antioxidant, reinvigorates your sex drive and fights fatigue.
  • Specs
    • Serving of 4 daily capsules
    • Optimal dosage of D aspartic acid, ashwagandha, and fenugreek extract.
    • Lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Pros:
    • Increases physical and cognitive strength
    • Supports protein synthesis 
    • Boosts confidence and mood
    • Promotes muscle growth
  • Cons:
    • It takes at least a month to show any result.
  • Verdict

If you’re looking to speed up protein synthesis and progress faster in your muscle gains and recovery, TestoPrime packs great ingredients that have zero side effects and will naturally boost your t levels.


TestoFierce – Best Testosterone Boosting Product for Muscle Gain

TestoFierce is a great testosterone-boosting product for bodybuilders who are plateauing in their PRs. Despite its highly effective formula, users report no side effects at all, such as headaches or digestive issues.

What’s also great about TestoFierce is its transparency with customers, they explain all of the ingredients, why they were chosen, and how they produced the product.

  • Specs
    • Serving of 7 capsules per day
    • Top ingredients include DAA, herb powders (Ashwagandha Root, Fenugreek Seed, and Asian Ginseng), Vitamins (D3, K, and B6), Magnesium, Zinc, BioPerine, and Boron.   
  • Pros
    • Faster muscle hypertrophy,
    • Increases strength,
    • Reduces body fat,
    • Improves confidence
    • Increases sex drive
  • Cons
    • A serving has 7 capsules, nearly twice the serving size of other t boosters on our list. You can take 3 daily capsules with the first meal, 2 with a second meal or snack, and the last 2 capsules with your last meal.
  • Verdict

TestoFierce can help men pass any deadlock in their training, such as depleted energy and low libido that might come due to intense training.


TestoGen – Best Testosterone Booster for Ripped Muscle Mass

TestoGen is an all-around t booster for man’s health. Its ingredients are known to help optimize how the body not only produces but also releases testosterone.

The manufacturer, Muscle Club Ltd has formulated this t booster keeping in mind the importance of testosterone in both building and maintaining muscle mass. Among the loyal users is also Will Pounder, former US marine and pro-MMA.

  • Specs
    • Serving of 4 capsules per day
    • Backed by over 118.718 satisfied men in 134+ countries
  • Pros
    • Facilitates clean bulk
    • Accelerates weight loss
    • Increases t levels by 42% in 12 days
    • Increases LH levels by 33% in 12 days
  • Cons
    • Takes a few months to deliver all results
  • Verdict

Whether you have low t levels naturally or have never had such problems but are lifting heavy, better start supplementing your health with TestoGen. Just with 4 capsules a day your energy with increase so you’ll outperform in your daily life and at the gym.


Testo-Max – Best Workout Testosterone Booster for Building Muscle

Another popular product among weightlifters, Testo-Max is a natural t-boosting supplement to help you build muscle easier. This product is pretty potent, keeping in mind that it only contains natural ingredients.

Testo-Max’s formula speaks for itself! With a total of 2352 gr of D-aspartic Acid and 8 gr of Boron, this t booster is no joke. According to studies, these products increase t levels and facilitate intense training sessions as well as promote faster muscle hypertrophy [R, R].

  • Specs
    • Serving of 4 capsules per day
    • 2352 gr of D-aspartic Acid and 8 gr of Boron
    • 100% natural with zero side effects
  • Pros
    • Naturally increases testosterone levels
    • Promotes muscle growth
    • Fully optimizes protein synthesis
    • Maximizes strength and stamina
  • Cons
    • It is advertised as a Sustanon alternative, but it’s fairly less potent.
  • Verdict

Testo-Max’s formula speaks for itself! It includes the best ingredients to increase testosterone levels by 40+%. Just a few weeks in, you’ll notice great changes in muscle gains, daily energy, and athletic performance.


Testo Lab Pro – Best Bulking Testosterone Supplement

Without a doubt, Testo Lab Pro has one of the best natural formulas on the market for naturally increasing your testosterone levels and keeping you vital and young. It also helps reverse some symptoms of aging, such as fatigue, weak immunity, or muscle loss.

Testo Lab Pro packs some uncommon ingredients, such as Mucuna Pruriens extract, an herb used as a male infertility manager and an aphrodisiac. Studies indicate that this herb increases testosterone levels and improves semen volume and quality [R].

testo lab pro product
  • Specs
    • Serving of 4 capsules per day
    • 100% natural with zero side effects
    • Risk-free returning policy
  • Pros    
    • Reverses symptoms of aging in men
    • Promotes muscle hypertrophy and low body fat index
    • Increases semen volume and quality
  • Cons
    • Contains less D-aspartic acid than the others in this list
  • Verdict

We recommend Testo Lab Pro for people trying to bulk in a clean way and gain more muscle than fat mass during the process. You train harder and recover faster. You’ll also feel younger, more energetic, and eager to push your physical and mental limits.


TestoFuel – Best Testosterone Pills for Bodybuilding

TestoFuel was formulated to help build tremendous muscle, assisting men that despite trying, find it difficult to bulk up in muscle size.

While most natural t boosters add zinc in their formulation, TestoFuel preferred Oyster Extracts, still high in absorbable zinc but a better facilitator of muscle endurance.

Research demonstrates that oyster extract acts as an aromatase blocker to boost testosterone levels naturally [R]. TestoFuel also contains ancient Ginseng, which affects testosterone development by increasing the DHT and LH [R, R].

  • Specs
    • Serving of 4 capsules per day
    • Rather than adding Zinc, Testo Fuel contains Oyster Extracts
    • Zero side effects
  • Pros
    • Promotes muscle hypertrophy
    • Facilitates weight management and weight loss
    • Improves semen profile
  • Cons
    • Takes at least 2 months to show results
  • Verdict

The all-natural ingredients included in TestoFuel guarantee to increase your testosterone levels naturally, help you build more muscle and strength, and boost your energy. Former Mr. Olympia Master Robby Robinson uses TestoFuel daily to maintain his muscle mass even at 76.


Prime Male – Best for Males over 40

What Prime Male does best is fight the drop in testosterone levels and most importantly represses estrogen levels. This disbalance is the main reason why you’re having all those symptoms of emotional imbalances, lack of strength and motivation, bad moods, and so on.

  • Specs
    • Serving of 4 capsules per day
    • Zero side effects with highly digestible capsules
  • Pros
    • Boosts strength, motivation, and energy
    • Promotes better sleep at night
    • Helps with prostate and urinary tract problems
  • Cons
    • Compared to others in this list, Prime Male is more effective for men over 40 rather than younger men.
  • Verdict

After researching all the ingredients in Prime Male as well as their formulation process, we can safely say this is the best t booster for men over 40. In a matter of weeks, your energy levels, mood, libido, strength, and confidence will replenish and reach new heights.


TestRX – Testo Boosting Supplement for the Best Performance

TestoRX is primarily a performance-boosting testosterone supplement that helps recruit your testosterone and make use of it during workouts and your sexual activity. 

Higher testosterone levels allow for faster protein synthesis, the process of breaking down and building muscle cells. Thus, you’ll train harder in volume, and recover faster, which on the other side, will help your body to deliver testosterone at optimal levels [R].

  • Specs
    • Serving of 2 capsules per day
    • Includes an Androgenic-Anabolic-Testosterone Proprietary Matrix together with Anti-Aromatase/Estrogen Inhibitors
  • Pros
    • Includes great ingredients: Longjack, Chrysin, DHEA, and Horny Goat weed [R, R, R].
    • Decreases anxiety and stress, boosting t levels
    • Helps with erectile dysfunction
    • Increases sex drive, endurance, and recovery
  • Cons
    • The manufacturer is not transparent on the dosage of the combined matrix and inhibitors, but it’s their right since it’s a patented compound.
  • Verdict

TestoRx is fantastic for keeping you sexually active, thriving, and ripped to the core. The serving consists of 2 capsules containing Bio Enhancers for increased absorption and to ensure there’ll be no problems with digestion.


TestoDren: Highly Rated T-Booster for Improving Energy and Stamina

Leading Edge Health Inc. claims that TestoDren can naturally and gradually increase your testosterone levels by 72.8%. This testosterone supplement was tested in three separate human clinical trials with a 100% success rate.

The novelty of TestoDren stems from a patented compound herb derived from fenugreek herb, which is added as an extract in many natural testosterone supplements.

  • Specs
    • Serving of 1 capsule per day
    • Contains Protodioscin, which stimulates the hypothalamus secretion of (LH) and increases the level of testosterone [R, R]
    • Free of sugar, wheat grain, soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, preservatives
    • cGMP certified and FDA-registered product
    • Zero side effects
  • Pros
    • Increases testosterone levels by 72.8%
    • Improves erection quality
    • Increase the frequency of sexual intercourse
    • Enhances mood, energy levels, and confidence
  • Cons
    • You start noticing changes 8-10 weeks after using it daily.
  • Verdict

If low t levels interfere with your energy, strength, and stamina, especially if you’re in your late 30s, you should consider giving TestoDren a try.

The highly potent compound of fenugreek ex will increase the frequency of sexual intercourse, total and free testosterone levels, improve sperm profile, and mental alertness, and boost lean muscle gains [R, R, R].


Cellucor P6 – Best Testosterone Booster to Increase Size

Cellucor P6 is a testosterone-boosting supplement formulated to support natural testosterone levels and maintain estrogen balance. It’s great for men looking to increase their size and support their bodybuilding goals through a well-researched testosterone booster.

Cellucor P6’s formula comprises a patent compound blend that includes Ashwagandha root extract, Fenugreek seed extract, Ovine Placenta powder, Agaricus Bisporus fruit extract, Stinging Nettle root extract, Eurycoma Longifolia extract, and Diindolylmethane.

cellucor p6
  • Specs
    • Serving of 4 capsules per day
    • The formula incorporates a patent compound blend
  • Pros
    • Improves athletic performance
    • Promotes muscle hypertrophy
    • Boosts energy levels
    • Enhances the release of free testosterone
    • Provides powerful estrogen and hormone-balancing effects
    • Prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen
  • Cons
    • This product contains gelatin, silicon dioxide, and milk
    • Takes about 12 weeks to show results
  • Verdict

Although not the most common formula, Cellucor P6 is an excellent choice because scientific research supports the value of its ingredients in naturally boosting testosterone levels [R, R].


What Is a Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone boosters are supplements formulated to increase testosterone levels in men. One reason why t boosters are produced is to help with low testosterone, or hypogonadism, that can occur due to an underlying medical condition, age, genes, or injuries to the testes.

bodybuilder outdoors

However, many men, particularly bodybuilders, use t boosters to help them gain muscle and strength. As with other supplements, you don’t have to suffer from very low testosterone levels to add them to your diet, most of us are just looking to optimize our health.

Testosterone promotes the development of masculine characteristics like facial hair, and a deep voice. They also are directly linked to how much pleasure we take from life as well as sex.

How Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

Testosterone boosters contain ingredients that assist the body in producing more testosterone.

For example, one of the main ingredients in most natural testosterone boosters is DAA. It plays a major role in producing and realizing the luteinizing hormone (LH), which, on the other side, helps boost testosterone levels.

couple in gym

Another way testosterone boosters work is by lowering stress and limiting cortisol levels in the blood. Studies have found that cortisol and testosterone have an inverse relationship; the more cortisol found in the blood, the more testosterone goes missing [R, R].

All in all, testosterone boosters provide the body with the necessary ingredients to allow the testicles to produce testosterone. This way the male organism makes optimal use of t levels and inhibits its conversion to estrogen.

The Ingredients in the Testosterone Boosters That Stimulate Testosterone Production

The best testosterone boosters contain amino acids, essential minerals, vitamins as well as herbs. Despite the wide variety of formulas, these are the most common and top-researched ingredients found in testosterone boosters:

Ashwagandha Root – Ashwagandha is a medical herb used to boost testosterone production, increase strength, and reduce stress. In a 2019 study, taking a standardized ashwagandha extract for 8 weeks increased the levels of DHEA-S and testosterone [R].

Vitamin D3 – Most natural t boosters add Vitamin D3 because studies show that deficiency in Vitamin D3 is related to low testosterone levels [R, R].

vitamin d3

D-Aspartic Acid – DAA’s main role in t boosters is to increase athletic performance, muscle hypertrophy, and t levels. It regulates growth hormone production and the release of (LH). The research found that supplementation with D-Aspartic Acid increased t levels by 42% [R].

Fenugreek Seed Powder – Fenugreek seeds have great qualities as a potent anti-inflammatory that helps with mental alertness and mood. Also, it is found to increase t levels by 46% [R].

fenugreek powder

Magnesium – This mineral boost quick recovery post-workouts, and promotes muscle hypertrophy and higher t levels [R].

Zinc – Besides all the support zinc gives to the body’s essential functions, it also decreases aromatization which is the process of converting testosterone into estrogen [R].


Asian Ginseng herb – This Chinese herb is an aphrodisiac that enhances male libido, strength, and virility. It improves erections, fertility, and sexual performance significantly [R].

Boron – Boron is a trace mineral that plays numerous roles in metabolism, including being a natural testosterone booster and estrogen killer. According to studies, just a week of boron supplementation can boost t levels up to 28% [R].

Vitamin K – Not only important for calcium levels, bones, and blood coagulation, Vitamin K supports testicles in helping them pump out testosterone in your body [R].

vitamin k

Vitamin B6 – This ingredient is crucial for memory, energy, blood circulation, and more importantly, for naturally boosting t levels [R].

Bioperine (black pepper fruit extract) – Bioperine boosts the bioavailability of herbs in the digestive tract. This means t boosters add this ingredient to support the other extracts and digest them properly [R].

What Are the Health Benefits of Using a Testosterone Booster?

Testosterone is the primary driver of protein synthesis, so higher t levels speed up the process of muscle gain and fat loss. Natural bodybuilders are blessed with high t levels, but many supplement their diets with t boosters to accelerate muscle growth.

couple of fit boxers

Testosterone is also responsible for the regulation of emotions, mental sharpness, and confidence in men [R, R]. Moreover, testosterone also affects the heart, as a 2017 study found that testosterone treatment in men with low t levels improved cardiovascular health [R].

Overall, increasing your t levels with natural t boosters ahead of the inevitable aging process. You’ll stay virile for longer and avoid muscle loss as you grow older.

Are Testosterone-Boosting Supplements Safe and Do Testosterone Boosting Supplements Have Any Side Effects?

Although we can’t answer for every testosterone booster in the market, we, and thousands of men who used them, totally vouch for the products mentioned in this list. Men prefer them because they have great manufacturing processes and are all natural with no side effects.

Any concern about testosterone supplementation is understandable, given the number of new companies trying to capitalize on the market. But we made sure to choose supplements that boost testosterone levels naturally, using clean ingredients.

Simply put, testosterone supplements are safe if they are produced in facilities that have FDA approval and contain ingredients like herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Natural t boosters will not bring any side effects and you’ll start noticing changes in a few weeks.

What to Look for in the Best Testosterone Boosters for Bodybuilding?

The best testosterone booster for bodybuilding includes ingredients that not only increase your testosterone levels naturally but also maximize protein synthesis. They should also pack ingredients that will support your training and diet, as well as speed up your recovery.

health supplements

Look for formulas high in vitamins, minerals, natural aphrodisiacs, and amino acids. D-aspartic acid is one of the most important ingredients, and you should choose one with a dosage higher than 2000 gr per serving.

Also, make sure the product is manufactured by an approved and certified company. Another crucial consideration is the product’s allergy list. Keep an eye out for extra preservatives, as well as soy, gluten, or other components you want to avoid or are allergic to.

What Are the Best Natural Testosterone Booster Supplements to Increase Testosterone Levels?

Below you’ll find a short list of good natural t boosters that do an excellent job of enhancing t levels through natural ingredients. For muscle growth and strength as well as a helping hand in fat loss, here are top testosterone supplements for bodybuilders:

  1. TestoPrime
  2. TestoFierce
  3. TestoGen
  4. Testo-Max
  5. Prime Male

Pick and choose from the following if you’ve noticed signs of low testosterone levels and want to rejuvenate your body, energy, and sexuality:

  1. Testofuel
  2. Prime Male
  3. TestRX
  4. Testodren
  5. Cellucor P6


What is the most effective testosterone booster?

Prime Male is the most effective t booster for men who train with high intensity. It will increase physical and mental energy, support protein synthesis, and boost confidence and mood in just a month. Also, you’ll experience increased vitality, strength, and power.

How to use testosterone boosters?

Most t boosters come in bottles with daily-required capsules or pills. Every product comes with a dosage or serving that should be taken every day at the same time.

At which age should we start taking testosterone boosters?

Since it depends on individual circumstances, there is no set age for t boosters. You should take t boosters if you train hard and want to support your muscle growth. Also, start using t boosters as soon as you notice that your t levels are low.

How long will it take to increase testosterone?

TestoGen increases t levels by 42% in just 12 days, according to clinical trials. Other t boosters mentioned in this list could take 8 weeks to 4 months. Your testosterone levels, age, stress levels, exercise routine, and sexual activity all influence the efficiency of t boosters.

How long does it take for testosterone pills to work?

T pills might need a few minutes to a few months to work. Powerful natural t boosters such as TestoFuel might give you an immediate boost of energy, but it takes the up to 3 months to fully deliver on its promises.

How do I know if I should use a testosterone booster?

You should use t boosters when you want to increase your testosterone levels to gain more muscle mass, work out harder, have more sex drive, energy, confidence, and be more virile.
They help reverse chronic fatigue, poor sexual drive and performance, and difficulty maintaining and gaining muscle mass.

At what point do I stop using testosterone boosters?

You can stop using t boosters whenever you want, especially if they’re natural testosterone boosters. But that would mean that your t levels will drop, and you’ll miss many good ingredients that support men’s health.

Where to buy testosterone boosters?

You can buy all our recommended t boosters on their website, and some of them even at Amazon or physical shops near you.


This was our roundup of the best testosterone booster bodybuilding edition! These products not only will support your body’s ability to produce more testosterone but also help you stay ripped and progress in your PRs at the gym.

Every single product guarantees great results and is risk-free because it doesn’t expose your body to any harmful ingredients.

Editors Choice


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Potent testosterone booster that helps burn fat and build muscle mass
  • Improves energy levels and focus and assists in lowering stress
  • All-natural ingredients without the side effects and allergens backed by clinical trials
  • Lifetime money-back guarantee


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