5 Body Smells You Should NEVER Ignore!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
These odors could signify much more than you ever imagined
5 Body Smells You Should NEVER Ignore!

Whether you just inhaled a tuna sandwich drenched in green onions, or stepped out of an intensive Zumba class, chances are you have been the stinky one at one time or another. In these cases, a swish of your favorite mouthwash and a good old hot shower should remedy your dilemma! However, there are other situations that aren’t so simple to fix.


Here are 5 common body odors you should pay close attention to before you try to fix them with a spritz of perfume or a stick of gum!


1. Stinky feet

You may be a super athlete, but having athlete’s foot shouldn’t be a part of your workout plan. Stinky feet and stinky running shoes could be a telltale sign that you have a fungal infection that needs some attention. If your feet are dry and scaly… and your toes are red and have blisters… you could be dealing with this common stinky infection.  


What to do? Ask your local pharmacist for an antifungal spray for starters, and if the issue persists after a couple of weeks, visit your doctor to investigate further.


2. Sweet and fruity breath

You might not have terrible morning breath, however sweet, fruity breath isn’t a good sign either. This symptom could be a complication of diabetes, which needs medical attention ASAP.


Diabetic ketoacidosis is the result when your body runs low on insulin and your blood sugar spikes. Other symptoms may include fatigue, dry mouth, and difficulty breathing as well, which means you need medical attention promptly.


3. Overly stinky poop

When your small intestine doesn’t produce a sufficient amount of the enzyme lactase, it can’t digest lactose, which is a sugar found in dairy products. In this case, your small intestine steers lactose straight to your colon (rather than your bloodstream) and this causes foul-smelling poop and bloating.


What should you do? Discuss the issue with your doctor in order to be properly diagnosed. You want to ensure Crohn’s disease is not the issue at hand and your physician can then determine how much lactose your body can take per day without causing a problem for you.


4. Strong smelling urine

If your urine is on the stinky side, this could definitely point to a urinary tract infection. UTI’s can cause very strong smelling urine which happens once bacteria have entered the urinary tract and urethra. This is frequent issue for women in particular and needs your doctor’s attention.


Best piece of advice? Always wipe from front to back in order to avoid bringing fecal matter to your urinary tract area in the first place.


5. Foul breath

If your morning breath doesn’t seem to dissipate even after a great brushing session, then you might be dealing with something you never thought of: sleep apnea!


Sleep apnea causes sporadic breathing while you sleep; it can lead to excessive snoring which causes you to breath out of your mouth all night long. In this case, bacteria breed in your mouth rapidly causing very stinky breath.


Visit your physician to confirm if you have sleep apnea or not. Your spouse with thank you… and it could put you on a healthier track since this disorder can be associated with diabetes and even heart disease.