The Wonder Of The 3 Week Diet – Does It Work?

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If you’re like me, you probably hate the word diet. Does it scare you as it does me? I love my food and there’s nothing that can make me stop in my tracks like the word diet. For me, it just conjures up the idea of salad, salad, and more salad, which (as much as I do love my greens, I said food remember – not just junk) has never been all that appealing.

I’ve been there.

Those diets we all try and always fail at. I mean I’m not in desperate need of losing weight, but I could do with dropping a few pounds here and there and I always like to try and stay healthy. I’d definitely say I have a balanced diet and lifestyle overall. I try to walk where I can and make sure I have fruits and veggies everyday.

But I do love pizza. And chocolate. And burgers.

Two burgers with potato fries

So, that can mean that the word diet freaks me out. It just seems the complete opposite of me. The idea of taking all the fun out of what I eat is just not appealing to me. I guess that’s why, when I first heard of The 3 Week Diet, I kind of froze.

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The What?

Weight loss in 3 weeks? Really? Doesn’t that mean I’ll have to starve?? No, not on my watch!

But I have to admit, I was intrigued. Can you really lose 12-23lbs in 3 weeks? Because that’s what The 3 Week Diet tells me I can! Hmm… I instantly knew I had to look into this one a little further – and I guess you did too, which is why you’re reading this.

I’ve trialed it. That’s right, despite my inner, initial judgment, I took the leap and gave it a go. Why? Well, mainly because I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about and if I lost a little weight in the end, then that’s just a bonus.

You see, they have this really great 60-day guarantee that if you don’t love it or see the weight loss they advertise, you get your money back. Now at $47, the programme isn’t all that expensive, but it’s still nice to know anyway.

But before I get ahead of myself, you probably want to know a little more about this wonder diet, right?

So What’s It All About?

The 3 Week Diet is all about targeting that stubborn fat that never seems to move – hence why it’s called stubborn fat – and getting your metabolism moving! Pretty much the best foundations for a nutrition and fitness programme EVER!

Brian Flatt, the creator, is a sports nutritionist, personal trainer and health coach. He trained at San Diego State University and his degree is in biology – all of which is very reassuring to hear. If something is scientifically backed, you usually know it’s got some credibility. He’s even been working in the industry since the 90s, so he knows his stuff.

He created the plan to get real results, fast – which is what so many of us want to see. Sometimes that concept can feel unobtainable or unrealistic, but the way that Brian has done it just seems so right.

Exercise and weight management manuals

And What Does It Involve?

So the diet comes with 4 manuals, each aimed at a different area but that still work together to produce the strongest results.

Introduction Manual
This does exactly what you think it will – it introduces you to the programme and educates you on the science behind gaining and losing weight. It’s so important to understand how it all works so that you can be sure you’re helping yourself lose the pounds!

It also discussed the supplements that you need to use to lose the fat and increase your metabolism. The good news is, they’re also included to benefit your health and keep you full of energy.

Diet Manual
Next up is the diet manual itself. Here, The 3 Week Diet shows you how to work out what your lean body mass is and what your body fat percentage is. Then, you have a tailored plan for your body type that will help with the rapid weight loss. It tells you what to eat, how much and when. Simple, right?

It’s also there to show you which foods are good for maximizing weight loss, fat burning and increasing your metabolism as well as the ones that you should avoid because they’ll slow down the whole process.

Finally, Brian has been extra good and has included what to do to ensure you keep the weight off too!

Workout Manual
The workout manual might not be for everyone, but it’s there to nearly double the weight loss results. It was formulated for those of us that don’t have time for the gym everyday but there is also a section if anybody does.

Women working out at the gym

All it asks is for 20 minutes, 3-4 times a week! Not bad hey! It also focuses on intensity as it’s that that helps to shift the stubborn fat, not the amount time that you’re working out. It also includes Brian’s Midsection Miracle Workout with his two ab exercises, especially for 6-pack abs!

Mindset & Motivation Manual
And finally, the part that keeps it all together – the way to keep your focus on point and your head in the game. We all know dieting is hard and sometimes it’s your mind that gives in before your body. With this guide, The 3 Week Diet aims to stop that.

All of the manuals are downloadable so that you can get to work right away. Simply get your calculations done, read through and you’re ready to go…

A plate of healthy food choices

And Does It Work?

If you look on the site, you’ll see a wealth of reviews. I was skeptical at first but determined to stay objective and see how it worked for me – and it did. I’d say I probably had may 15lbs to lose to feel happier in my own skin. It was mainly annoying excess weight but definitely some stubborn fat in there too.

After 3 weeks, I am proud to say I’ve lost 16lbs! It wasn’t too difficult to stick to as everything is there laid out for you, you just have to stick to it and the workouts are more fun than intimidating.

So, I’d have to give The 3 Week Diet a 4/5. I would go for 5, but it’s only been a few weeks and I really want to make sure it lasts before I speak too soon! But I won’t be asking for my money back, that’s for sure!

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