Review: The 6 Best Keto Delivery Services

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Undoubtedly, the keto diet offers numerous health benefits and a fast path to drastic weight loss. It can be difficult to remain loyal to it though, as food prep on the keto diet is often time-consuming and expensive.

If you have found yourself breaking your keto diet due to the temptation and convenience of fast food, you aren’t alone.

A lot of keto dieters have turned to keto delivery services to help them prepare their keto-friendly meals. These services eliminate the hard work of hunting down individual ingredients to prepare complicated meals.

The following 6 delivery services bring professionally cooked meals right to your doorstep! Read over the full reviews to help you determine which plan is right for you.

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1) Keto Fridge

Keto Fridge is one of the more simple services available. There are no commitments or subscriptions, as you simply order what you want every week. Upon arrival, the meals will stay fresh for up to 7 days, so you don’t have to worry about food going to waste. If you need them to stay fresh for a little longer, you can freeze them for up to two months. When frozen, you may need to adjust the meals’ reheating times, but they should still taste just as good.

Keto Fridge has a rotating selection of meals. You can mix up what you eat and expand your palate. The downside is that if you really enjoy a meal, you may not get to order it again for a couple of weeks or months.

Depending on which ingredients are used, each meal costs somewhere between $15 and $18. Keto Fridge requires users of their service to place orders of a minimum of $69. This isn’t a big deal though, because, with this order total, you can get several meals for the week that won’t go to waste.

The company ships everywhere in the United States. Depending on your location, shipping costs range between $14 and $30, which is a bit on the pricier side. The company strongly suggests residential delivery, but they will also deliver food to your office so you can have an accessible keto-friendly meal at work.

This service has a nicely-sized selection of keto-friendly snacks like cookies, muffins, cakes, and donuts. Treats like these can be difficult to find, which makes Keto Fridge the best keto meal delivery service for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Keto Fridge Logo


  • Good selection of desserts
  • Ever-changing menu to satisfy your taste buds
  • You don’t have to make a long-term commitment


  • You can’t save by subscribing or ordering in bulk
  • You won’t have access to a favorite meal for a couple of weeks or months until it becomes available again


2) Ketoned Bodies

Despite being a newer player in the industry, Ketoned Bodies has a solid reputation. This keto meal delivery service is unique in that every recipe they use is created by Paul Winberry Jr., a renowned celebrity chef. He creates a lot of delicious recipes specifically for this service. With many options to choose from, you’re bound to find a few you’ll need to buy again:

  • Deconstructed Pork Egg Roll
  • Chicken Fa-Keto Platter
  • Cashew Beef and Broccoli
  • White Pasta-Less Lasagna
  • Jerk Pulled Pork topped with Mango Salsa
  • Boneless Pork Chops and Zucchini Spears

For a more specific meal catered to individual dieters, you can order items from Ketoned Bodies à la carte. For those who need to feed more mouths, you can enjoy serious savings by ordering in bulk from the service’s selection of Package Plans.

This company is great for dieters looking to minimize their environmental footprint. Each meal uses 100% grass-fed and pastured meats. Ketoned Bodies excludes preservatives, vegetable oils like canola oil, added sugars, and grain-fed meats from its meals. By getting your meals from Ketoned Bodies, you’ll be bettering your health and that of the planet.

Ketoned Bodies Logo


  • Each meal uses organic, low-carb fruits and veggies and 100% grass-fed and pastured meats
  • Speedy next-day delivery
  • All meals are created by a Michelin-starred chef
  • Meals can be ordered in bulk, anywhere from 5 to 84 meals at once


  • The delivery days are limited to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • The à la carte items can be expensive on their own


3) Factor75

Factor75 is an easy-to-use online subscription service for keto dieters. Simply open an account and subscribe to the service. Then, you can log in weekly to select the meals you want for the week. You can choose between 4 and 18 meals depending on the subscription you have.

When the meals arrive, you can choose to immediately heat them up, or you can put them in the refrigerator to save for later on in the week.

If you’re going away for a couple of days and won’t need meals delivered, simply don’t place an order. This way, no unwanted food will arrive and spoil on your doorstep.

Factor75’s meals are designed, prepped, and cooked by a team of gourmet chefs. Their chefs work with in-house dietitians to create meals with an optimal number of calories and macronutrients. Their chefs use high-quality ingredients that are free from GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, and additives.

Here are some of the company’s most popular menu items that users can’t get enough of:

Factor75 Logo
  • Paleo BBQ Salmon
  • Buffalo Chicken Breast
  • Cajun Shrimp Bowl
  • Paleo Granola
  • Taco Bowl
  • Greek Burger with Parsnip Fries
  • Butternut Squash Lasagna
  • Spaghetti Squash with Grass-Fed Ragu


  • Ingredients are free of sugar, soy, and gluten
  • Prepared and cooked from scratch by professional chefs
  • Provides you with the flexibility to choose a different number of meals each week


  • Only delivers to the contiguous United States


4) Green Chef

Green Chef is USDA certified organic company. Their delicious and sustainable ingredients are sourced from domestic farmers, so you’ll always know where your food is coming from.

Green Chef delivers meal kits, including a recipe card and the meals’ required ingredients, to your home. Because the preparation is on you, Green Chef is one of the cheaper keto delivery services on this list. The meals only take about 30 minutes to prepare, so the lower price is definitely worth it.

Once you sign up, you can begin to receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly orders. If you don’t need a meal kit for a specific week, just let the company know and they won’t send anything that week. The nice thing is that there are no fees or charges to make this kind of adjustment.

Green Chef offers either a 2-person plan (6 meals total) or a family plan (8 meals total). The 2-person plan is an affordable option at $12.99 per meal. If you get the family plan, you can shave $2 off the price of each individual meal.

Green Chef can deliver to most places in the United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Louisiana. You can expect your weekly (or bi-weekly or monthly) box to arrive between the hours of 8am and 9pm every day except Sunday.

Green Chef Logo


  • You don’t need to meal plan, shop for groceries, or hunt for recipes
  • Good price
  • Only uses sustainable ingredients


  • Limited freedom when choosing the recipes that get delivered
  • You have to do the cooking yourself


5) Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy specializes in delivering keto-friendly breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and refreshments. The company strives to help new dieters adjust to the temptations that a low-carb lifestyle can present.

Urban Remedy takes the stress out of calculating portion sizes and counting carbs. Each meal contains an ideal balance of macronutrients, carbs, and fats.

The Urban Remedy keto plan only lasts for three days. For $195, it is a bit pricey, but it provides new dieters with everything they need to get started. Because of the high price, it’s not realistic to make the 3-day plan a regular part of your eating schedule.

The benefits that this 3-day plan offers new dieters are invaluable. By consuming these meals, you’ll jump-start the process of ketosis and experience increased focus, energy, and weight loss.

This plan comes with not only full meals but also snacks to help you get through your day. The Matcha energy bars and turmeric boost juices are some of users’ favorite items.

Urban Remedy Logo


  • Each day of the 3 days contains different meals, so you don’t have to worry about repetitive options
  • 3 days of every meal you need
  • The company changes the plans throughout the year based on what’s in season
  • Includes snacks and beverages to boost your energy levels


  • Only offers the 3-day plan


6) TrueFare

Having been around for more than 6 years, TrueFare is one of the more experienced keto meal delivery services in the industry. This experience shines through in the service they offer. TrueFare has recently partnered with a like-minded company, Pete’s Paleo, to provide users with an even better experience.

Users can order individual items or sign up for a subscription service that delivers a set number of meals weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

TrueFare’s chefs prepare each lunch and dinner for you. When the box arrives at your door, each meal is ready to heat up and eat right out of the box.

The company regularly updates its menu, so you’ll have no trouble finding something you like. Users can order 5, 10, or 15 meals at a time, so this service is great for individuals and families alike.

TrueFare is relatively affordable, with the 10-meal plan costing $150 and the 20-meal plan costing $290. There is a $15 delivery fee for orders under $295, which is pretty cheap considering the convenience of the service. Other subscription services charge as much as $30 to cover the delivery costs.

TrueFare offers lunches and dinners that strictly adhere to the keto diet. Dieters can rest assured knowing that there are no hidden carbs in the sauces or spices.

Truefare Logo


  • Only uses organic ingredients
  • Only uses pasture-raised, grass-fed, and wild-caught meats
  • Flexible ordering process
  • Customizable menu


  • Some users report a discrepancy between the meals’ presentations in real life and in marketing photos


Making the Final Decision

Think over the following questions before settling on a delivery service:

  • Do you mind cooking, or do you want the meals to come ready-to-eat?
  • Do you need flexible ordering options?
  • Do you want to order lunches and dinners in bulk?
  • Do you want organic ingredients only?

Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal preferences and needs. These 6 keto meal delivery services can all help a struggling dieter stick with their long-term goals.